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White Sage is a natural incense that is used to cleanse old, negative, and unwanted energy. Drive away what you don’t want in your space, and let it calm and balance you, so you can invite new beautiful energy instead. Burn your Sage bundle to bless and cleanse your space. Perfect to use before healing work, during rituals, mediation practice, full moon, and when you’re programing your crystals. Also lovely if you feel weighted down by dark energies or low vibration.


Hold the bundle in your left hand, light one of the ends and let it burn for a little while. Shake off the flame and let the smoke spread around the room. Walk around your home and move your bundle in circles.You can also cleanse yourself and your own energy, as well as your crystals. Keep a window or door open så the old energy has somewhere to go, and invite new beautiful energy.

Continue for as long as you feel you need. Extinguish it by pressing down the burned end on a heat-resistant plate / bowl, or dipping it in a little water.


A naturally fragrant bundle. Length round 12cm.

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