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We will go through this:

  1. Precautions.
  2. How to choose your oil.
  3. Difference between dropper & roller.
  4. How you can use it.


 Please read through the safety guidelines: 

  • Only for external use.
  • Keep in mind that all oils can stain clothes and other things.
  • Keep oils out of reach of children.
  • Store at room temperature. Must not freeze.
  • Our products is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
  • Everyone reacts differently to different oils, first test on a small area of the skin. Never use it if it includes ingredients you are allergic to. Avoid applying to sensitive areas and broken skin. Better safe than sorry.
  • Do not use it during pregnancy without the advice of a doctor.
  • Don’t use it as a massage or body oil. Use only a few drops or diluted with a carrier oil if you apply it on a larger area of skin. 


Depending on your intention you can go different ways.

Want emotional support?

Then ask yourself what you want and need at the moment. Raise your frequency? Happiness? Money abundance? Calmness? Call in love? Cleanse negative energy? Confidence?. Each blend has an intention and supports you differently. Mingle around in the shop and see which speaks to you and your current desires.

Natural fragrance and just cause it smells amazing?

Read the description for each oil where we describe the scent. You are also welcome to any of our coming events where we always bring the oils so you can try them out.

Oh a gift? Buying for someone else?

If you don’t know what they need support in, we recommend the blends Hold Me and Mama Forest. The qualities of these two are always needed, and suits everyone in their own journeys. Raising the frequency, supportive, calming and strengthening. 

Still a bit tricky? Send us an email, we will ask a few questions and guide you to the blend that suits you on your journey.


Here it’s simply up to you. The difference is that you get less oil with the roller, while you with the dropper can choose by squeezing the rubber top to control the amount of drops.  

Rollin’ it: Perfect to have on the go, in your jacket or bag, since there is no risk of leaking. It gives you more of a perfume feeling, cause it’s simple to apply and you don’t need to use your hands to spread out the oil. It’s friendly and you can use it everywhere, without making a scene. Perfect for the bus ride, workplace, meetings and so on. It’s simple and sweet to use.

Drip Drip: It gives a luxurious feeling when you add the drops by yourself. You can see, feel and smell it while you're applying the oil. It’s a nice interior detail for your home. Perfect to have next to your bed, meditation space, or like us - one bottle at the work desk for keeping the money flowing. You can have this one with you as well, but!! The dropper is less safe with time. It requires you to be slightly aware if it stops to close tightly. If that happens, it’s because a drop has made its way into the threads, making it oily and slippery and hard for it to stay locked. But you can solve this by wiping off the oil so you have clean threads and just make sure that it locks. Despite this disclaimer, this is our personal favorite.


Use them exactly how you want to. Through skin absorption and/or inhalation. Whatever feels right for you. We at Souli combine those two and use the blends as a supportive tool for our soul growth, and because it just smells good and brings such a nice feeling. 

Ok so let’s get practical. How you actually can apply the oil blend: 

On your skin: Simply drop one or two drops of the oil ( or roll a few circles if you choose the roller ) on a pulse point. There’s not a bad place on the body to use essential oils. (ok except your sensitive parts) but there are some effective spots tho - the pulse points. As wrists, temples and back of the neck.

Inhalation: Apply a few drops of the oil blend in your hands and inhale. You can also add some drops on a small piece of fabric or pad.

Our favorite - the combo: One sweet spot is the wrists since it’s a pulse point, and you can inhale it too. Let a drop or two land on your wrist, gently rub the wrists as they are humbly caressing each other. Close your eyes and cover them with your palms and breathe, let the smell give you a swell of presence. 


Depending on the oil blend’s purpose, current emotions and situation, you can use the oil in different ways. When you want to expand your use, you may apply your oil blend in two areas. For example,on your wrists for inhalation and then for expanding your support:

  • Meditation - the third eye ( between your eyebrows). 
  • Stressed or unfocused - the temples. 
  • Self-time - chest / heart. 
  • Soul work & rituals - top of the head. 
  • Simply want to smell good - behind the ears. 

Explore. There is no right and wrong. Flirt with Souli and she will flirt back.


Looking for more clarity? You are warmly welcome to email us your questions.