I want to share some beautiful light workers, since I genuinely love these women's offerings. I'm so grateful that they crossed my path, and want to spread the word about them, so they can bless your path as well.

I strongly believe in supporting each other and create spaces where we feel safe, held, and inspired. Say hi to my Souli Sisters, and their work, feel free to connect with them if you feel called to to.



    I offer personalized Astro sessions in English and Swedish. I guide you deeper than just your personality.


    Your birth chart holds the secrets to your most fulfilled and authentic life. During a session, I highlight areas in your life where you shine with simplicity, but I also speak of the darker corners, where resistance and difficulties are present. I go deeper than just presenting your personality by looking into important planetary cycles that affect your life. I can guide you in any area of your life where you wish guidance now, I am here for you.


    Here are just a few examples. 

    • What are your major challenges?
    • Traumatic energies, childhood, soul wounds.
    • Past life, soul path in this life.
    • your career and partnerships
    • Love life 


    I encourage you to bring your own questions and thoughts; what areas of your life do you wish guidance in? But you don't have to, you can trust that you will receive the guidance you need. We meet online via Zoom, I record it if you wish. I handle all your personal information with care, for you to feel safe and held. I view our time together as sacred as I welcome you into a space where you can feel seen and heard. Looking forward to connecting with you.


    For Souli customers I give you 15% off on my readings.



    IG & FB:  @sofiandthemoon


    Hej fina sjÀl, mitt namn Àr Cecilia och jag hÄller i avslappnande Yoga Nidra, varje söndag, via IG Live.


    Yoga Nidra Ă€r en djupt avslappnand yogaform som utförs liggande sĂ„ att din kropp helt kan slappna av. Genom guidad meditation försĂ€tts du i ett tillstĂ„nd mellan vaken och sovande. I detta tillstĂ„nd, som vi kallar för ”grĂ€nslandet”, utforskar du platsen mellan sömn och vakenhet. I detta grĂ€nsland upplever din kropp och ditt sinne kraftig lĂ€kning och Ă„terhĂ€mtning. För att hĂ„lla dig i grĂ€nslandet mellan sömn och vakenhet kommer Cecilia med sin lugna röst försöka hĂ„lla dig vaken och nĂ€rvarande. Enbart kortare tysta pauser görs under Yoga Nidra.


    En Yoga Nidra innehÄller alltid nÄgon form av kroppscanning. Det Àr ocksÄ vanligt att du under en Yoga Nidra kommer i kontakt med dina andetag och gör olika andningsövningar dÀr du uppmuntras att andas lÄngsamt och medvetet. Under Yoga Nidra upplever du Àven visualiseringar och enklare tekniker som du kan applicera i din vardag för att lugna ditt inre nÀr du kÀnner dig stressad eller ur balans.


    VÀlkommen att delta söndagar live online via Instagram ~ @lulayoganidra. Som Souli kund betalar du endast 60 kr/tillfÀlle nÀr du uppger SOULI vid bokning.



    IG:  @lulawellbeing

    Info coming soon.

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