Is a Swedish conscious e-commerce brand who offers handmade Spiritual Oil Blends and Crystal Aura Sprays, along with sacred stones and smudge essentials. A space for curious beings 🤎



All blends are produced by hands, by the founder herself. All our ingredients are 100% natural, vegan and chemical- and cruelty-free. Carefully blended with high quality essential oils and ethically sourced crystals. Filled with magic.


Please note that the prices reflect the quality of the ingredients and process. Keep in mind that a lot of other “Aura Sprays” are made of synthetic essential oils. It indeed gives a beautiful scent - but not sourced from Mother Earth. They are cheap and colorful, but don't carry the qualities we are looking for. We are not using any synthetic or perfume oil made in a lab just to provide the scent. Our ingredients are gifts from our lovely Mama Earth, and they carry powerful and sacred qualities. Our products are not made in a factory, they are made by my own hands -  charged in moonlight and bathed with love. 
Created for you, from my heart, with my passion. / Lisa


Produced in Sweden in a conscious process. We stand for slow production that is sustainable and ethical. We care about our planet and all lives on it. And of course we care about you and your safety, hence we guarantee that each blend has gone through a safety assessment and is formally approved as a cosmetic product with a CPSR documentation.


Emotional support. Natural fragrance. Soul work. Meditation. Yoga. Sleep. Relaxation. Rituals.


I was on the go, with my backpack, chasing for dreams, waves, my purpose. For five years. Throughout my travels I have been bringing oil blends with me. I had them with me in all kinds of situations. Moments that were peaceful, stressful, scary, doubtful, blissful, lonely. That one drop of oil could change, boost and embrace my whole feeling. My whole experience. It feels like I press pause and tune in to the present moment. A swell of coming home to my soul. Since then, it’s something that has always been with me and has blessed so many moments. Now, I want to offer that little souli to others as well, to bring bliss to your moments as well.
Souli is a real cutie, but we all know that we also need to have each other's backs in this world. We are in this lifetime together and I believe in supporting one another to become the best version of ourselves. That's why I want to create a collective with Souli. A community that offers support, inspiration, tips & conversations. A safe space, where we talk without layers and can be ourselves to 100%.
Raising the frequency together.
xx, Lisa
CEO & Founder of Souli Collective.
Photos on our website is captured by Minna Yr Johannsdottir, Julia Örtegren and by myself. The beautiful videos are created by Clara Linnaeus.