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Love is something we all desire, crave, and need. After all, love makes the world go round. Finding, and holding onto, love is one of the great mysteries of the world. It is a wonderful adventure to explore for us human beings.

Naked love is here to support your love journey. With the power to not only bring soul love into your life, but also to help you keep it once you have found it.  As the blend is working with your heart chakra, it’s here to crack it open, and to help it stay open. Here to support you with trust and faith. It helps you with confidence and courage. It’s time to call in love, and dare to love fully.

Ylang ylang essential oil is the oil of the inner child and is uniquely calming, cooling, and euphoric at the same time. Known for soothing anxieties and conflicts. Promotes peace, love, lust and sexual power, while also helping with jealousy and self-esteem. Infused with Nutmeg, which brings feelings of connection, deep comfort and security. 

Here to bless you with love and luck, charge you with caring energy and help you to tap into your natural state as a loving and generous being. With the purifying qualities, it softens rigid boundaries, and thereby reduces tension and patterns of control. The essence of patchouli digs in deep: it helps to break long-held patterns of shame and low self-worth, inspires balanced introspection and real self-love in turn. To top it off, there is the stone of universal love in the blend. Rose Quartz is here to restore trust and harmony in relationships, encouraging unconditional love.

It’s your go-to Souli when you are feeling stuck or in lack of love, in need to strengthen your relationships, feeling sad, lost, low, shame, confused or in lack of trust.

It’s time to tap into a state of gratitude, for all the love in your life. Tune in to your desires, visualize it, feel it, and believe it. Manifest and take actions. Let loving vibes wash over you.


Jojoba, Patchouli, Cardamom, Ylang Ylang, Vanilla and Nutmeg. Infused with Lapis Lazuli and Rose Quartz.


Let a drop or two land on your inner wrist, gently rub the wrists as they are humbly caressing each other. Close your eyes and cover them with your palms and breathe deeply and feel the connection to love flow. Exhale.

The oil is perfect to apply over your chest, whenever you feel in need of a heart-opener and want to speak the language of love. It’s magical to combine with manifestation work.


Imagine yourself lying by a fireplace, in the arms of your love. A swell of freshly baked cardamom buns is passing by. Feeling at home, a deep connection that makes your heart beat with pure love. 

In other words, the scent is warm, spicy, sweet, musky, sweet, exotic, floral, woody and earthy. A slightly mystical scent.


10 ml spiritual oil blend in a glass bottle. Choose the lid type by yourself. Visit our guide if you want to read about the difference between roller and dropper. And please read the precautions guidelines.