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Handmade, natural, and organic incense from Argentina. It comes in one box with 8 incense sticks, around 23 cm long, and each stick burns for 1 hour. All incenses are created by hand, with purely natural ingredients (no chemicals or synthetic additives).

The incenses comes from a family-owned company from Argentina called Sagrada Madre. They ensure that production is sustainable, with respect for Mother Earth.

Light your incense and let it bring you a swell of new energy.

Choose between:


  • Citronella raises the vibrations and creates a shield of protection and harmony. Palo Santo attracts light, love and renewed energy.
  • Scent: Woody, Citrus, and Fruity.
  • Qualities: Protecting, Calming, Happiness, Energizing, and Balancing.


  • A beautiful and calming scent of lavender in a wonderful combination with purifying and protective Palo Santo.
  • Scent: Floral and Woody.
  • Qualities: Harmony, Purifying, Calming, and Healing.


  • A meditative combination of warm and sweet Palo Santo wood and refreshing Champa flower. An incense believed to promote love, peace, tranquility, well-being, inner light, happiness, balance and harmony.
  • Scent: Woody and Floral
  • Qualities: Purifying, Love, Balancing, and Harmony.


  • Natural Indian Yagra incense that sparkles like white stardust, rolled in a resin used in Hindu temples. The scent is soft with hints of citrus. Yagra is known to attract abundance, prosperity, wealth and to open new paths in life. The smoke of Yagra spreads its power of material success, evolution, and spiritual harmony.
  • Scent: Citrus and Woody
  • Qualities: Abundance, Spirituality, and Fortune


  • Sandalwood comes from the Santalum Album tree that grows in Southeast Asia and has, among Buddhist monks, been used in incenses for thousands of years, to calm the mind before meditation. Sandalwood is associated with healing and purification.
  • Scent: Woody and Spicy
  • Qualities: Spirituality, Protecting, Purifying, Healing, 7 Chakras, Grounding, and Clarity.


  • Rosemary, rue and frankincense call upon the natural forces of Mother Earth and create energy in its purest state. Together they purify and protect places, objects, and people, while attracting balance and harmony. 
  • Scent: Herbal
  • Qualities: Protecting, Spirituality, Purifying, Connection, Clarity, and Uplifting


  • A meditative and grounding combination of soft Palo Santo wood and sensual and earthy scent of Patchouli. An incense that makes us land and feel safe and embraced.
  • Scent: Woody and Floral
  • Qualities: Purifying, Sensual, and Grounding.

Please read the information below USE.


Light your stick carefully with fire and then blow out the flame so you get a flowy smoke. Let it dance and bring your calm, peace, and it's unique qualities.

If you don't want to use the whole stick, you can extinguish it by pressing the smouldering end against a non-flammable pad while it smokes.

Place your incense in a suitable fireproof holder. Keep the lit stick away from flammable materials. Light only in a well-ventilated, open area. Store out of reach of children or animals. Use with caution when pregnant. For external use only.


Incense sticks.

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