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A powerful healing crystal that allows the golden light from the universe to flow into your body and soul. Cleanses and purifies the aura from energy blockages. It will open your consciousness to receive information and guidance from the higher dimensions to achieve your highest good. This beauty is here to remind you that when you take care of your body, mind, and spirit, the rest will come naturally.


Use your crystal to deeper your connection to the divine. Explore it's qualities and how you want to use it. And oh honey, remember to cleanse and charge your stone.


A sacred stone in "cuddle" shape. It's round and smooth. Weighs around 30-40gram.

PLEASE NOTE: All crystals come from the nature and therefore vary a bit in color, shape and size. Small cracks can also be part of the crystal, so it does not mean that it is broken. Your crystal will be completely unique and perfect for you!

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