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When you feel in need of an uplifting and cleansing boost, with cooling and rejuvenating qualities. Azura Crystal Aura Spray clears negative energies and cleanses the atmosphere. The spirit of eucalyptus wants us to awaken to our true power and encourages us to move forward. This ability, to conceal and release, encourages us to embrace our vulnerability as a strength, so we can reveal our true core and move forward with courage. 

Azura is not only here for protection, purification, and cleansing rituals. It also helps to clear the air of lingering emotions and cuts through irrational fears or attachments. It is lovely for when you seek direction and mental clarity. 

With the ability to sharpen your mind, increase concentration and help you focus on your intent, Azura is the perfect study and work partner. 

Feel an urge to loosen up and get in touch with your inner child? The qualities of the blend unlock creative energies, and it’s magical to use when initiating new projects or intentions. Or whenever you just need a refreshing swell in your life. 

When you want to clean your aura from negative energy, from other people’s opinions, from struggling with a monkey mind, from a past argument, from feeling low, from tiredness, from the feeling of being stuck - welcome Azura in your life. 


Created by gifts from mother earth: Purified water charged in the moonlight with high-quality essential oils: Eucalyptus, Mandarin, Lime, and Peppermint. Contains natural preservatives. Infused with black tourmaline, bathed in mantra and sealed with love.


Shake well before use to disperse the drops of essential oils and to activate the Aura Spray. Read the affirmation in the bottle. Close your eyes and gently spray around your aura, as much as needed. Breathe deeply and repeat the affirmation to yourself. Enjoy the shift. 


A zesty, fresh, minty, fruity green scent with a hint of sweetness.


50 ml Crystal Aura Spray in a glass bottle. Only for external use! This is NOT a skin product such as a facial mist. It's a natural spiritual mist for your auric field.