An astrological energy update for week: 8


Current energies: Sun and Mercury in Pisces, Fullmoon in Virgo

Do / Dont's: Allow this week to be viewed via a rose-colored lens, daydream, let your thoughts become a beautiful poem. 

Match with Souli blend: Naked Love

The action for the week: FULL MOON MEDITATION FOR FRIDAY

Inner child meditation with the fullmoon:

The Fullmoon occurs at 5 degrees Virgo, representing Leo, our inner flame, creativity, and child. Take some time under her moon to be with your inner child. It can be very healing to work on this special relationship. I encourage you to do this exercise any time between Friday and Sunday, this is when the fullmoon is at its strongest. However you can too practice it regularly to create a strong relationship with your inner child.

Start by finding a nice space where you can feel safe and not be disturbed, give yourself at least 20 minutes for the meditation exercise. Light a candle if you wish. You also need a notebook and if you have a deck of magical cards you can use that too afterwards. 

Now, visualize a place you used to be when you were about 4-7 years old. Take your time. For example your room when little, remember the street, the house, the smell etc. Knock on the door and wait for your child (you) to open, do not stress this, she/he will come when feeling ready. 

See if she/he wishes to show you something? Do you maybe have a gift with you? Is it ok to hug? Do you want to say something special? Spend as much time as you wish. Say goodbye. Maybe you wish to return another time, you can tell your child that (but don't make a promise you can't keep). Finish by journaling, pulling cards, practice self love in your unique way. Use the letting go energy of the moon to release any unwanted energies from the past, close your meditation practice by celebrating yourself, dance to your favorite tune. 

Mantra of the week:

Let's deepen. Here is a full description for the current vibes: The week begins with a bit of a sigh of relief as we leave a pretty hectic period behind with a total of 5 planets (sun, moon, Mercury, Mars, and Venus) that have passed by Pluto, each taking a trip down the underworld. It is as if you are trying out your new wings, after have being in the pupal stage; a total metamorphosis. Be gentle with yourself as you calibrate this new version of reality. 

Monday and the sun shift to dreamy Pisces, marking a new sun season. The sun takes approx 1 month to travel through one zodiac sign. Happy birthday to all you dreamy souls out there, who have got Pisces sun sign, let us know it's your birthday by commenting below. The Pisces sun here in the northern hemisphere brings dreams of spring, yet snow might still be around, tho the very first spring flowers will start to appear. Pisces is the 12 and final zodiac sign, the end but also a beginning for it all starts again in a cyclical way. 

Pisces is the water element representing the vast oceans, many of the creatures living down in the depths remain mysteries to us humans, much like the energy of the fishes. And like the ocean is connected without borders or fences, so does Pisces represent our collective interconnectedness, one big ocean of consciousness. Pisces governs all things unseen, spiritual, endings and beginnings, the in between veils. All of our need to commit to a dream and dream toward its realization. 

How can you as the sun shines with her dreamy energy allow yourself to linger in between; winter and spring, dreams and reality, unseen and seen. As her sun kisses your face, let it know what dreams through you? On Wednesday Mercury joins the sun in Pisces amplifying its energy. This is not the season for the concrete, the materialistic, or logic, which can be a little confusing for the planet of logic, reason, and intelligence (Mercury). Rather than writing a to do list, write a love letter, read poetry, consume music, try a different shade of reality.  

In the coming month be a romantic, surrender to the daydreams, love a little harder, linger in the fact that every cell in your body is vibrating with life, and what a blessing it is to be here. Pisces can bring a need for alone time, to retreat, honor that if needed; meditate, feed your abstract mind, sleep more, take notes of your dreams. 

By Thursday the energies are all about love, when Mars and Venus meet for a late Valentine's date (remember how Mars had one with Pluto last week). Both him and her have now gone via Pluto to meet their wounds, to work on themselves, they are ready now to enter the most magical sacred union. Know that this energy is occurring within you too, your masculine (mars), merging with your feminine (venus). Their cosmic wedding occurs in Aquarius, and their vows are; to create freedom for all. The Pisces sun adds, to be gentle and loving as we grow together. 

By Friday we will all feel the big current of the Fullmoon as her Yang energy is climbing toward its climax. The afterglow of their wedding can make you feel off, tired, headaches, and dizzy, it’s your body integrating the new vows. On Saturday She is full, full of potential, full of life, full of magic. The moon is full in Virgo, the opposing sign to Pisces (always on a fullmoon the sun is opposing), she is practical, analytical, detail oriented. Pisces can easly become a dreamer, taking it too far and it becomes escapism, running away from reality via e.g. substances, becoming stuck in deep dark emotions. 

Virgo grounds, bring us back into the body the home to our spirit, not separate from us. She is the earth witch with wisdom regarding herbs, crystals, healing spells, etc. She is the healer, Pisces is the parts of you that need healing. Allow this moon to inspire you toward an everyday life that supports your highest good; food, sleep, hobbies, etc. Are you feeding your earthly self (Virgo) and spiritual self (Pisces)? What parts of you long for healing? Her moon is also a perfect time to gain inspiration toward how to make those Piscean dreams a reality. 

With love Sofi Karlsson.


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