An astrological energy update for week: 6

Current energies: Mercury in Aquarius and Aquarius New Moon.

Do / Dont's: Take it slow this week, be extra mindful of your mental space.

Match with Souli Blend: Naked Love - Spiritual Oil Blend

Tap in & connect with the energies, through a NEW MOON RITUAL:

You need a notepad, candle, magical tool of your choice e.g. auraspray or sound. Begin by cleansing and rooting down in your space, you can simply say a prayer and use your hands if you do not have any tools. Remember you are the magic. 

Light your candle, sit in stillness and notice your breath, notice yourself, how every cell in your body is vibrating with life. Now take a moment and ask yourself how have my 2024 unfolded so far, if I could journey back to Jan 1, beginning again; what did I love? What do I wish to change? Take notes.

Then close your eyes again and ask for the coming month of February, what do I wish to have more of, have less of? Take notes.

Finish by giving thanks to the moon, mother earth and any of your personal guides. 

The mantra of the week:

Let's deepen. Here is a full description for the current vibes: 

Hi, my loves I hope you all have had a great winter rest and are ready for spring soon to come. Just like nature waits to bloom, if her buds open to soon they will die due to the harsh weather, so do we, also have to be mindful of not giving it all the first months of 2024. We welcome February and a sliver of spring starts to leak into our consciousness. But take it slow, let nature around you inspire, and ask; what is longing to be born through me?

This week we have a new moon on Friday in the sign of Aquarius, the freedom seeker, the hippie, the rebel; this energy thrives in all of us and now it’s inspiring you to plant new intentions that support that wild longing to belong, to make the world a better place, to share your unique ideas. The week starts of with Mercury shifting sign to Aquarius, making the rebellious, newthinking energy extra potent this week. Right when Mercury shifts he meets with Pluto. This triggers your subconscious mind. Pluto it’s all things shadow, death, but also transformation and rebirth. 

Pluto asks; what script in your mind has gone on repeat, for too long? In what ways are you bullying yourself via the thoughts you think? In what ways do you believe less of yourself by comparing you to the other? This can be a very challenging week due to this energy. But at the end of the day Pluto always want well, he wants you to see where you give your power away by making yourself small, with Mercury it is your mental capacity that comes into focus.

Aquarius is the most humanitarian archetype (zodiac sign), caring for others while also seeing how she is an important piece. But in her shadow side, he can become insensitive and distant, rebellious without a cause, she can have a very hard time making up her mind. Allow Pluto to wash any unwanted behavior to the surface so that you can see and choose different, this is how the rebirth occurs. 

By Wednesday Venus planet of love and pleasure got a meeting with the north node; this is a calculated point toward where our joint souls are longing. Uranus also got a say in it all, by shaking things up in a supportive way though it might not feel like that at the time. You are inspired to look at what it is that you value (venus), and ask yourself if they align with the life you long to live? Do they support your individual dreams, or are you stuck in a pattern you believe you should follow?

By midweek we will all feel the strong current of the dark moon. On Friday the moon is new at 20 degrees Aquarius; 20 represent Scorpio making this new moon extra charged with renewing energy. Always on a new moon the soil is fertile, the energy is ready for your intentions, plant them in stillness and allow them to grow when the moon becomes visible again.

I encourage you to practice the new moon ritual to connect deeper with the energy. I am also hosting a new moon circle on thursday night, we will dive deep into the mystic new moon energy together. Next week the Aquarius energy becomes even stronger when Mars and Venus join up with the sun, Mercury, and Pluto.

- Sofi Karlsson.

This beautiful Astro Check-In, is written by the Sacred Astrologer Sofi Karlsson -  @sofiandthemoon. For further guidance around the current energies, on a deeper personal level, she offers lovely personal readings. I did one by myself and wow it was truly amazing. If you are curious, send her a dm.

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xx Lisa

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