An astrological energy update for week: 12

Current energies: Sun in Aries = Astrological New Year aka Spring Equinox

Do / Dont's: Spring clean both externally and internally, but not all in one day. Aries can easily rush, pause to not get overwhelmed. 

Match with Souli blend: Naked Love 

Tap in & connect with the energy with a:

Astrological New Year ritual

Make a fire outside to celebrate the return of the sun; as of the 20th of March the days become longer than the nights. Father winter retreats to make space for the spring goddess. Invite friends if you wish. Make offerings to nature and the animals; seeds, flowers, fruit, crystals, anything else you feel called to give (make sure it is appropriate for nature). Dance, sing, celebrate life, yourself, and each other.

Mantra of the week:

Deepen: This week as the sun shifts to Aries we celebrate the astrological New Year, the 20th of march. Aries represents the first archetype (sign) in the zodiac. It is a rebirth, a new start. We leave the deep dreamy waters of Pisces and welcome the fire in the form of the spark with Aries. The spark of new life, new ideas, spark of courage and forward motion.

Every time a planet comes into Aries it marks a state of new awareness. For each lap around the zodiac; passing through all the archetypes, the planet gains new wisdom. The sun returns to Aries each year around the 20 of April. The sun represents your authentic self, your warmth in this world. Who are you now, who have you become looking back a year ago? 

Honor all that you have been while welcoming this new version of you. Aries is the archetype of the warrior, corresponding to planet Mars; the planet of war. The Aries energy can therefore feel very intense for some of us; as if all of it needs to be done at once. On a higher octave, Aries represents all of our need to be independent and develop self awareness. 

Each archetype has a shadow and enlighten side. As humans we pend between both sides. Aries can easily become burnt out, heading head first without considering the need for rest. A reckless strategy where he’s got troubles finishing what he started. A selfish approach; needing to win at all costs. We can always turn to the opposing sign for remedies regarding the shadows, in this case Libra. Turn to Libra for balance, ability to co create and share.

Ask yourself what areas of my life do I tend to end up in the shadow energy of Aries? What areas of my life am I at war with? When and how am I having troubles sharing resources, maybe you grew up needing to fight for what was yours? How can you rather than make war find the courage to make a change for the better, to use the powerful force of Aries to Love a little harder. Exchange recklessness with fearlessness; aggressiveness with courage; self-centered with self- awareness; impatience with innovation.  

Mercury planet of communication is currently in Aries too, this week he will conjunct Chiron; a minor planet representing our soul wounds. With Aries it becomes very personal, with Mercury it becomes very mental. Speaking of war, there might be a big chance your head becomes a battlefield this week. Fire Fire Fire, don't go to war with yourself, lower the guns and be gentle with yourself. Treat yourself like a student, as you walk this earth, allow mistakes and learn from them, grow with them. You have nothing to prove. 

By the weekend if you have not already you will FEEL the current of the coming Lunar Eclipse on Monday. It is a full moon charged times 1000 compared to a regular moon. Remember we do not practice letting go rituals, rather go with the flow, the universe has a plan for you, step aside so it can unfold. I will give you the details of the eclipse next week. P.S. Feeling overwhelmed, go back to last weeks post and read the list of eclipse tips and tools D.S.


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xx Lisa


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