Week 12: Midweek astro energy update

Let's talk about the current energies: Aries sun season 20march - 19 april, fire, motivation, courage. 

Do / Dont's: Aries is the archetype that brings motivation and vital energy after the winter. Now is a good time to start moving your desires forward. But watch out for burnout, breaks are essential!

Tap in & connect with the energies: Here is a list of things the Aries energy can help you work with during the coming month. Look at the list and see what you are drawn towards:

  • Become the leader of my own life.
  • Start new things.
  • Be my own hero.
  • Lead by example.
  • Prioritize taking action over just thinking/planning.
  • Take back my power in a situation that is making me feel powerless.
  • Take a leap of faith toward something that feels scary.
  • Find my independence.
  • Practice unconditional self love by taking myself on a date.

Match with Souli Blend: Naked Love Spiritual Oil Blend 

Let's deepen. Here is a full description for the current vibes: 

Each month the sun shifts sign, every month the sun shines with a new energy, and each energy has something to teach us. The sun is our most important star, it is life. In astrology the sun in your natal chart represents your authentic self, It is who you are when you feel like you can relax and be yourself. The sun is your light, your life force. If you were born between the 20 of March and the 19 of April, your sun sign (often also referred to as star sign), will be in Aries. Happy birthday to all you beautiful, brave Aries souls out there.

We are all affected by the energy shift of the sun, no matter what your natal chart looks like you have a part of the Aries strategy within you. Aries is the life force, the will to exist. It is the first archetype of the zodiac wheel, and the shift into the Aries season also marks the beginning of the astrological year. I like to think of the zodiac wheel as the development of a human being. Aries is then the birth, the power needed to enter a new world.  Aries is the pure awareness of a newborn baby, and the courage in the spring flowers daring to bloom despite the cold that lingers. Imagine the courage within anything that decides to be born. This type of courage is what we all can channel + use during the coming month.

Each archetype belongs with a planet, a so-called ruling planet. You can imagine that the archetype comes from this planet, they embody the energies and the structure of the planet. Aries is from mars. Mars is the planet of war (the reddish color = blood), its willpower, action, fire, and courage. Courage must be scared into a person, without a scary situation we will not become braver. Aries is not scared of taking risks or putting herself out there. This season, awaken your inner warrior, find your courage. 

The shadow sides of Aries come out due to her strong will, and constant search for stimuli. She will go to war for what she believes and wants. This can lead to head first (symbol ram) attack without having thought it through, an aggressive approach leading to unnecessary arguments or burnout. Aries constantly seeks adventure and stimuli; caffiene, sex, sugar, adreanline kicks. She easily gets bored if life is not happening FAST, therefore Aries tends to be a magnet of stress. Be aware of how the shadow sides might play out in your life? Next week is all about the new moon of Aries.

Mantra for this week: Inside of me is a brave warrior.

- Sofi Karlsson.

This beautiful midweek check-in is written by the Sacred Astrologer Sofi Karlsson -  @sofiandthemoon. For further guidance around the current energies, on a deeper personal level, she offers lovely personal readings. I did one by myself and wow it was truly amazing. If you are curious, send her a dm.

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xx Lisa

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