Week 11: Midweek astro energy update

Let's talk about the current energies: Virgo Fullmoon + spring equinox = Yang energy, fire! 

Do / Dont's: This is the final fullmoon of the astrological year, do not hold back, release all you don't want to bring with you into spring; internal energies and material stuff. Big energies, move your body to not build up anxiety; gentle yoga, run + rest more too if you need.  

Tap in & connect with the energies: Virgo is the purist, the archetype that creates beauty from a clear space within and outside of herself. Connect to the virgo archetype within you by decluttering, by making space for the new to emerge. 

This weekend I encourage you to practice a letting go ritual to cleanse within; make a fire, write down + burn what you are releasing. Then cleanse your outside, if it calls you, clean your home, recycle + give away stuff you don't use so others can give it love. Treat yourself to a nourishing meal or anything else that feels good for your body; your temple. Virgo also loves plants, give yours some love, or plant new seeds. The energies are very intense so don't forget to pause, find your breath, connect with the earth, she is also experiencing the energies, let her hold you.  

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Let's deepen. Here is a full description for the current vibes: The Virgo fullmoon theme; harmony, simplicity, beauty, created from everyday routines; that support your best life. Virgo lies across from Pisces, (during a fullmoon the sun is always in the opposing sign). The Virgo Pisces axis is about reality vs dreams, the tangible vs the non tangible, water vs earth. We are asked to meet in the middle, keep dreaming but not to forget about reality, be flowy like water but to find ways to root in reality.  

The shadow side of Pisces can be addiction and escapism. Now is the time to become true to yourself. What habits in your life are destructive? Use the fullmoon energy to free yourself. A fullmoon is always a time to LET GO. This fullmoon is extra powerful due to the fact that it is the final fullmoon of the astrological year. This fullmoon has a healing trine to Pluto, planet of transformation; shadows are brought into the light in order to be healed, this can feel very painful. Find strength via the asteroid Lilith who's also connected to the fullmoon.  

The spring equinox is on Sunday, when day and night are almost equally long. A powerful time to purge, to release, to say thank you for the winter months and step into spring. The sun then shifts from Pisces to Aries, marking the beginning of the astrological year. A new beginning, and an end. What in your life must come to an end for the new to emerge? What did your life look like at the new year 3 months ago? What has changed, where are you heading? In the northern hemisphere the spring equinox is a celebration, a celebration of the light returning. This weekend let yourself focus on the good in your life, what will you celebrate? 

Pisces sun (the season we now leave behind), taught us about oneness, to dream more, to exist in our fantasies; because it’s from this frequency that we create visions that we then can manifest into reality. Pisces is beyond tangible; the Virgo fullmoon is now asking us to make sense of the dreams we’ve had, to bring them down to earth; start to create a reality that supports our highest good. And don't worry if you still feel a little spacey, Mercury will be in Pisces for another week, things will make more sense, focus will be easier once Mercury joins the sun in Aries (March 28). And then, with the Aries energy, start to take action.

Next week; it is time to find your courage, Aries will support you.

Mantra for this week: When I come back to my power, dreams become reality. 

- Sofi Karlsson.

This beautiful midweek check-in is written by the Sacred Astrologer Sofi Karlsson -  @sofiandthemoon. For further guidance around the current energies, on a deeper personal level, she offers lovely personal readings. I did one by myself and wow it was truly amazing. If you are curious, send her a dm.

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xx Lisa

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