Tips & tools for the mood: Stuck and tired.


When you feel that your energy bucket is almost empty, and there’s not much left for yourself and your dreams. You may feel that you lack motivation, power, and flow. 

Simply when you feel like you are stuck in a place where you don’t want to be, but at the same time too tired to make the move.


  • Hold Me - Spiritual Oil Blend - Bringing harmony, joy and power at the same time. A real boost in energy and motivation for your creativity flow, and it enhances your passions.

  • Azura - Crystal Aura Spray - When you feel in need of an uplifting and cleansing boost, with cooling and rejuvenating qualities. The spirit of eucalyptus wants us to awaken to our true power and encourages us to move forward.


  • Stop giving your time and precious energy when you don’t have enough of it.
  • Prioritize activities that fill you up with new energy, every day. This is important. 
  • Remind yourself that we all have our timelines, you are just where you need to be.
  • Spend time with your soul. Ground yourself. Meditate. Often we get drained ‘cause we’re too much in the external world. In the mind, losing the feeling of connection. Which can make us feel stuck. 
  • Reflect upon:
    • How do I mother myself ~ taking care of myself?
    • What is one thing that would make me feel less stuck? 
    • What brings me true joy?
  • Be conscious of how you talk ~ the energy you are sending out. What words are you using? The universe will do its best to manifest what you say. So if you say “I’m so tired, it’s not possible, I have lost all motivation” = Universe will try to realize it. Shift your way of expression, and your energy will shift. E.g “I’m so ready to feel more energized. I’m opening up to new possibilities. I love to feel motivated”.


    I can’t bloom all year round. There are periods in life when I stay firm in the soil, planting new seeds and preparing myself for growth. 

    I’m embracing this time. 
    I’m giving myself love and nourishment.
    I know I’m held, supported, and guided by the divine. I simply need to pause and listen.


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