Tips & tools for the mood: Overwhelmed & shattered.


When it feels like the bucket of pressure is completely overfilled, at the same time as your energy bucket is running low. It’s like the speed of life is outrunning you. When the soul is not feeling heard, the direction becomes unclear, and it feels like you lost your inner compass somewhere. 

When it simply feels like it’s just too much to handle, with no power or clarity to fix it. A need to refill, rest, re-calibrate, and re-align.


  • Cosmic Water - Crystal Aura Spray - Here for cleansing and banishing negative energies. The mist promotes feelings of satisfaction, peace, internal relaxation and encourages higher states of consciousness. 

  • Mama Forest - Spiritual Oil Blend - A swell of grounding and healing energy from mother nature. It slows us down when life goes a bit too fast. Feels like a woody warm hug for our energetic body.


  • Breathing is healing. Start your day, or whenever you feel it’s too much, with breathing in to a count of 4, and breathing out to a count of 8. Five rounds.
  • Meditate to calm the nervous system, preferably with Souli blends that help you with grounding.
  • Write down a list of things that make you feel joy and peace. Make sure to add some of them to your schedule. Often we have been giving too much of ourselves. It’s now time to refill your own bucket. 
  • Gain some clarity through journaling
    • What can the period I’m currently in teach me? 
    • What caused me this feeling? What is out of my control? What can I change now?
    • Where am I heading? What is the next chapter?
    • What does my soul need`? What do I crave?
  • Disconnect to reconnect. Scale down. Lower the expectations. Remove things from your to-do list that isn't a priority. Cancel things that don't serve you any good. Less screentime and stimulation. 
  • Reflect upon why you feel like this. Be honest with yourself, so you can identify why you feel drained and shattered. 
  • Re-align with your soul. 
  • Shift your energy through a gratitude practice. Remember that universe gives energy to where you place your attention. Focus on everything that feels good. and you will receive more of it.


    I am exactly where I need to be. Everything is happening for me. I can see it. I can feel it. This is a period of growth. 

    I’m slowing down. I’m listening. I’m inviting divine support. I’m opening up for guidance.

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