Tips & tools for the mood: Change, possibilities, abundance.


We all know that it's easy to get trapped in a so-called lacking-mindset; “I need money, I don't have enough, I can't do that”, and the list goes on. In other words, you want a change in your life. You are ready to level up and take actions that bring you closer to your dream lifestyle.

Simply, craving more and feeling a need for a shift. There's nothing wrong with that. It's great, don't settle for less. The importance is in what we are sending out - it will form the response we will get.


  • Golden Flow - Spiritual Oil Blend - An uplifting blend filled with luck and abundance. Here to support you to see new possibilities, realize dreams & goals, practice manifestations and unwind negative emotions around money.

  • Sicilian Sunrise- Crystal Aura Spray - Here to deepen your faith, raise your joy and bring clarity. It carries incredibly uplifting and positive vibrations. It promotes alertness, clears stagnant energies, and stimulates the creative spirit.


  • Ask yourself “What’s stopping me?”. 
  • Prioritize time for raising your vibrations. 
  • Reflect on:
    • What change do I wish to see and feel, in myself and my life?
    • What steps can I take now? Which change is out of my control?
    • Do I have any limiting beliefs that hold me back? Do I dare to dream big?
  • Land in clarity and map out from the reflection the change you crave, so you can manifest it. 
  • Set intentions, preferably with the New Moon energies.
  • Manifest honey. Remember, manifestation is so much more than writing it down. The universe doesn't respond to your journal, it’s responding to your energy. Talk about it, visualize, read affirmations and TAKE actions. Even if it feels like small baby steps, one step is moving you forward. Taking no steps at all will just leave you in the same spot. Make space for new possibilities.
  • Believe in it. If you don’t believe that it’s possible, or that you are worth it, it will not work.


    I allow myself to dream big, ‘cause I know I’m worth it, and there are infinite possibilities. I'm proud of my dreams and I talk about them with confidence. 

    I am in the energy of change and I’m attracting new possibilities into my life. I am aligned with the energy of money and it flows abundantly, which I am very grateful for. 

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