The new moon in leo is calling on you to chase your wildest dreams + ritual inspiration.

Here you have a new moon ritual for the August New Moon in Leo and Lion's gate portal, that takes place 8/8. Let us dive into it. 

This New Moon is a powerful moment for big dreams. It's the perfect time for setting goals, planning for the future, and manifesting the things you want most out of life. This particular moon also happens to fall on the same day as the "lion's gate portal," which is said to be one of the luckiest events of the entire year. 

Well, the energy for the Lion's Gate Portal can be used to move us closer to our destinies and help us reach spiritual awareness. It is also a day often used for manifestations, a time to plant seeds of intention. Ordinarily, New Moons are a time for rebirth. As the moment that the previous lunation (or Moon Cycle) comes to a close and the new Moon Cycle begins, it is a celestial new beginning. New Moons are a cleanse, a time to rid yourself of the themes of the previous lunation and come into the new one with the energies that will serve you - and none of the stuff that held you back. New Moons are also the best time to begin your manifestations. A moment to truly think about what you want and what's important, and set yourself goals for the weeks ahead. Of course, the Lion's Gate Portal is one of the most powerful moments for manifestations in the calendar year. With the New Moon and the Lion's Gate Portal aligning this year, this will be an intensely powerful moment for making big dreams come to life.

Think of this like a power up, an energetic reinforcement. This will be the moment you will need to get your head straight and think about what you really want. Set yourself up for success, write down your intentions if that helps clarify them in your mind. Remember, those who asks, receives.

If you are new to New Moon rituals or just want some inspiration, I will share how I plan to do it:

  • I’ll create a sacred space that makes me calm and inspired. First, I will cleanse the space with Palo Santo. Surround myself with some fresh flowers and crystals that speak to me. I’ll bring my oracle cards, oil blends and journal with me. 

  • Then a moment of stillness to tune in to presence and my heart space. I will use Saced Haze oil blend and let it land on both my wrists and third eye. Either I'll listen to a guided meditation, or set a timer with calming nature sounds through the app Insight Timer and just breathe with my awareness inward.

  • As I sit with this New Moon’s energy, I will ask myself;

    • “Is it anything I’m longing for?”
    • “If I allow myself to dream big. What comes to me? Where do I see myself in the coming 6 months? How do I feel? What does it look like?”
    • “How can I limit my distractions and doubts? And tap into trust and alignment?”
  • Then writing down my intentions. Personally I love to use Sweet grass as I set and create my intentions. And with these new moon energies I will set long-term intentions and some short-term intentions for the coming weeks. So both envision my life at large and this present moment. What I want to experience, how I want to live, feel and achieve. Also my intentions for the next cycle. Keep it short and sweet. Universe needs clarity.
  • Closing with a gratitude minute - closing my eyes, hands over my heart, speaking out loud what I’m grateful for at this specific moment.

  • Then I’ll place the crystals on my notes for the coming night. And carry them with me to keep the energy for the following cycle. It’s also powerful to keep the intention notes visible, maybe inside your wardrobe or a place that you visit often. So you can repeat them every now and then. A reminder where you are heading.

I wish you a lovely weekend, vibe high honey.

Love, Lisa

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