The journey has just begun

Hi there. My name is Lisa, the founder of Souli Collective. I just wanted to sneak in here and share what I’m up to. Kind of in the middle of creating and developing my own beloved brand, in times of Covid. It’s super fun, and a bit challenging as well. Feeling so blessed for this journey. Learning er’day. Enjoying. Building my brand in a sustainable way. 

Filled with enthusiasm prior the launch, it’s soon time to share my oil blends with the world. I’m truly grateful for this opportunity. For being able to connect my knowledge with my passion. My skills with my purpose.

 This journey is not just about the brand. To launch. To grow. To reach certain sales goals. It’s about the experience and the people along the way.

My experience as an entrepreneur, where I do it in my own way, my own rhythm, and with one key priority. To keep a sustainable and joyful work-life balance. To be able to keep going and be generous. 

Combining spiritual beliefs with business development. So yes, there are crystals in my personal work space. Oils with success, growth and abundance benefits. There are manifestations. Reflections. Palo Santo. Decisions based on my gut feeling (my guardian angels).

 I have something to learn from every person that crosses my path. Every person I meet has a story to tell, a lesson to teach, an insight to give. The people are the reason I can do this. It's time to give back.

Through Souli moments.

With love, Lisa

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