Some tips for you who want to tune in to the Leo New Moon energy.

Here you have some inspiration to boost and tap into the power of this new moon energy.

  • Create a vision board for manifestation. In the collage, include photos and inspiring quotes that speak to or represent your goals. While creating the vision board, you'll be focusing on the "you" you want to be.

  • Sunflowers are the flower aligned with the zodiac sign Leo. During the new Moon, pick a sunflower or maybe treat yourself  with a bouquet and place them in a room that could use a boost of color and good vibes.

  • Make new Moon water, infused with the luminary's invigorating energy. First, take a full cup or pitcher and place it by the windowsill. Let the Sun—which is Leo's ruling planet—shine on it. From there, do what you want with the water: Use it in tea, add it to the bath, and water your plants. Think of it as water supercharged with good vibes.

  • Concentrate on opening up your heart chakra, an energy center associated with Leo. Lie on your back, preferably near an open window or outside the Sun. If you have Naked Love oil blend - let a few drops land on your wrists and inhale the scent. Apply a drop on your heart and place a tiger eye stone on your heart.

Raise your vibration, in your own way. 

Stay in the heart.

Warmth, Lisa

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