Energy check and reflections for the New Moon in Libra

This new moon takes place during Mercury retrograde, which approaches you with a contradicting force of energy. As the new moon encourages you to focus on the future and what could be, Mercury retrograde is dragging you through the past, encouraging you to relive what may already be over. With Mercury retrograde creating confusion in the midst of this new moon, you may find that the past is catching up with you, forcing you to finally get a sense of closure or tie off loose ends.

The air sign of Libra is the energy of collaboration, connection, and communication. It’s about the balance and harmony in your relationships. You may feel a desire to make new friends, open new doors, go on a date or spice up your current relationship, create a more balanced living, and/or deepen your connections. You may even feel the urge to solve conflicts with others and tap into your ability to be a peacekeeper. 

It’s a perfect time to manifest healthy and harmonious relationships - with yourself, close ones, and the divine. The key to making the most out of this lunar transit is to sit down and get very clear on what it is that you want. Therefore, I invite you to give yourself a moment in your sacred space. Sit down, put pen to paper, and get really honest with yourself. 

Create a cozy space for yourself, where you feel at peace. You may want to deepen your experience and intention by using palo santo, spiritual oil blends and crystals. Tune in to your heart. You may want to meditate to really connect with your inner world. Reflect on;

  • What parts of my life and heart are in need of some harmonizing?
  • Do I feel at peace with how much I give and receive?
  • In my relationships, are they feeding my soul? How is the communication? Any relationship who is in need of some nourishment? How can I do that? 
  • Is it any connection or relationship I want to deepen, or welcome to my life if it’s not already there?

Write down your intentions and manifestations. Close your ritual with what you are truly grateful for. 

Stay in your magic honey. 

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