New Moon 1th of April 2022.

Aries New Moon, it’s time to restore the mind, body, and soul.

New Moon is the perfect time for intention setting, and to tap into your life-force and align what's true for you. Which often includes to reflect around boundaries, commitments to self, and attitudes.

The new moon brings us a cosmic clean slate perfect for realigning our goals, begin new project, and manifesting new opportunities.

And the fresh feels are supercharged by the fact that the Aries new moon restarts the astrological year. Allowing us to reflect on the learned lessons, realign what we will and will not take with us through the next 12 seasons, and embrace the changes.

Remember, don’t be afraid to choose yourself — the relationship you have with yourself is the most important relationship you’ll ever have in life. It’s never selfish to prioritize self-care. 

Aries is a sign that thrives when embarking on a new project, it can be challenging to follow through to the end, so be sure to start on something that you’re passionate enough about to complete. It’ll really be important to pace yourself now, so that you don’t burn out before you finish. Starting strong is great, but finishing strong is also important.

Tune in with a new moon ritual;

(It includes the Manifestation Spell from the Energy Update)

  • Create a sacred space that makes you feel calm and inspired.
  • Bring an envelope, a piece of paper, a pen, and a candle. You may also wanna bring your spiritual essentials such as crystals, oracle cards, spiritual oil blends (Golden Flow is perfect for this), your journal etc.
  • Cleanse the space (You may wanna use Palo Santo, Sage or Crystal Aura Spray)
  • Give yourself a moment of stillness to tune in to presence. Depending how much time you have, it can be a few deep breathes, a guided meditation, maybe this one, or set a timer with calming nature sounds.
  • If you would like to reflect, here is some journal prompts for you:
    • What helps you feel your soul’s mission and the journey your energy wants to go on this lifetime?
    • What motivates you to take steps on your life’s path even when they feel scary or unknown?
    • How do you respond to pressure? Do you use it as fuel for your journey and to develop courage or do you let it overwhelm you?
    • What keeps you motivated even when your passions begin to fizzle? What gives you courage to overcome obstacles and inner strength to continue on your path?
    • How do you take care yourself? How will you treat yourself with love the coming weeks?
  • Ask yourself what it is that you wish to focus on for the next coming lunar cycle (1 month, until the next new moon)? Let the Aries energy inspire you, what do you need? What do you crave? 
  • Write it down on a piece of paper whatever comes up for you, it can be clear practical things or more subtle. Fold the paper in 3; as you fold, whisper “I see, I feel, I know”. Before you put the paper in the envelope blow love on it, and if you have the Golden Flow blend, drop a little in your hands, rub together and smell, then put the paper in between your hands and hold it to your heart. Finally, put the paper in the envelope, draw a sun on it and put it in a sunny place. The sun will help give life to your intentions. Finish by giving thanks to the moon, and the sun. 
  • Candle gazing is a great way to honor the Aries new moon. Light your candle, stare into the flame and think of your intention you wrote while you are gazing into the flame. 
  • Close with a gratitude minute. Close your eyes, hands over your heart, speak out silently or out loud what you feel grateful for at this specific moment.
When the moon is visible again (3-4 days after the new moon) - take action. 

I wish you a lovely weekend, vibe high honey. Stay in the heart.

Warmth, Lisa

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