Merry Christmas to you, my Souli family!

Suddenly it's Christmas, anyone knows how that happened? As you know from my previous blog post, it's been a lot for me recently, and it's time to slow down even more.

Because lately I've been feeling that I’m living way faster than I want to. I do way much more than I feel for, and I get too serious about stuff that isn’t important. 

I feel a need to scale down (once again), to come back to a more balanced feeling, grounded energy, and slow phase. Make myself steady as deep roots, so when the winds come, I can dance more lightly with it.

My focus for these days is to nourish myself ~ mentallly, pshycially, emotionally, and spiritually. What will be your focus?

My little Christmas gift to you are some sacred journaling prompts. I think these days is a perfect time to reflect. So that we can land, soften, feel, and align. 

CHRISTMAS REFLECTIONS TO YOU (and myself of course):

  • How are you today? Really, how are you doing? What's on your mind? How do you feel on the inside? What is your body telling you?
  • How do you want your last days of 2023 to be?
  • What is a habit or feeling you are ready to let go of?
  • What do you crave at the moment? How can you give yourself that? 
  • Tap into gratitude and write down three things you are grateful for that have happened this year, along with three things you are extra grateful for, just for today.

Wishing you a cosy time, and hopeing that you're giving yourself what you need to feel at your best <3

Simply less doing, MORE feeling 


Update on coming happenings:

- A little 2023 wrap up reflection guide is coming soon. 

- My plan was to host a cacao ceremony during this time, but I'm waiting for the plant medicine to arrive. Since everything is happening FOR us, and not to us, I trust the timing. Maybe it's meant to be after New Year. I will post about the event at @soulicollective, and also in the Community Whatsapp group. 


With love, Lisa

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