Reflection guide for 2023 - wrap up the year and prepare yourself for 2024

Hi friends! Hope you all had a cosy Christmas, and that you're giving yourself time to refill your energy buckets. I feel so grateful for the past week, since I've been living slow, enjoying the small things, spending time with my love and our friends, enjoying amazing colorful food, and of course been re-charging by spending time in the ocean. It's my fav spot for dropping down from my mind to my body. 

New Years is coming up and we are about to close this year. It's a beautiful time to pause, look back, and reflect. Embrace all insights and challenges, feel gratitude, and celebrate all the magic that have been flowing throughout the year. 

During this time, we see a lot of yearly recaps going around, in reels and beautiful photos. I just want to remind myself and you who are reading this that your year is worthy just as much as to everyone else's. We all are exactly where we need to be, on our timelines, aligned with our soul's growth. So let's try to avoid comparing ourselves and our life with others. All the struggles, insecurities, fears, frustation, stress etc is not shown there. It's just a few seconds of the highlights from 365 days. 

Let's turn the focus to ourselves, and intentionally and lovingly wrap up the year, to powerfully step in to 2024.  

(The reflection questions are the same as in the IG post)


I believe it’s a golden key to personal growth. Self-reflection helps us to close old chapters, understand our emotions, let go of stagnant energy, re-align ourselves, find clarity, define desires and visions, raise our frequency, and tap into the field of manifesting our dreams.


You only need this post, your journal or papers to write on, and a pen.

I invite you to create a cozy space for yourself, where you feel at peace. Maybe light some candles, bring your fav cup, and turn on some calming music. If you are into spiritual essentials, let them join as well. Here is MUSIC INSPO if you don't have any go to list. It's our Spotify where we have created playlists for moments like this.

If you feel too stressed or ungrounded to tune into a reflective mode, I invite you to close your eyes and focus on your breathing for a few minutes. If you have time, meditate for a little while to center yourself. I will link to some guided meditations if it's helpful, choose the one that speaks to you and your possibility. GUIDED MEDITATIONS TIPS:

You need the app Insight Timer to be able to open the links, it's a meditation app that is free.

Let's start to reflect.


We start soft and small by putting 3-5 words for each area, where the words describe how it's been during the year. Before answering, I invite you to take some time to look back. Where were you in the beginning of the year in this area? Has something changed? Have there been any challenges? Highlights?
  • My health with a few words
  • My love life with a few words
  • My work with a few words
  • My soul’s wellbeing with a few words


  • What were my happiest moments of 2023? When did I feel a rush of joy, excitement, passion, or fulfillment?
  • What were the low points of the year? What were the difficult moments? The ones where I was deeply challenged?
  • How have I grown during the year?
  • How has my path changed? Did I change course during the past 12 months? What‘s new?


We all have limiting beliefs and self-perceptions that don't serve us. It can hold us back from living our best lives. It could be anything from having a 'lacking mindset' regarding money, or an attitude such as "I can't live like that / have a job like that / find a partner like that". Can you think of any limiting beliefs that you would like to raise? Can you allow yourself to dream big or are there any doubts that you can adress and release?

  • Fill in "I am noticing this way of thinking ....... and I am now ready to release that, since I want ....."

Is there anything else you don't want to bring with you into 2024? Any old habits, a pattern of behavior, emotions, a challenge? Any pain or bitterness that you want to release?

  • Continue the sentence: "I'm ready to leave ....... behind"

If you have, I invite you to use a cleansing tool as Palo Santo, Cosmic Water, or Sage.


  • What have I learned about myself? My biggest insight of the year?
  • What am I most proud of myself for?
  • What am I most grateful for from this year?

We all know by now, a grateful heart is a magnet for miracles. So let's end this practice by place your hand on your heart, close your eyes, and take a minute to just sink into graditude. Feel all the blessings, this sweet life, all the love, in your heartspace.


Seriously really thank yourself, for giving yourself time to reflect. For investing in your wellbeing and future. I hope you feel more ready to step into a new year, with a full heart, grounded mind, and calm soul.

Remember, what you feed will grow

You have the ability to create your world however you wish it to be. After these reflections, it’s a beautiful time to build the new. I will share my other reflections for ALIGN - DEFINE - BUILD THE NEW - MANIFEST after New Year, through an online cacao circle for those of you who are interested. Make sure to follow @soulicollective so you don’t miss the launch of the event.


Thank you for this beautiful year. Thank you to each one of you who supported Souli in any way. With some love, an order, a comment, a recommendation - all that creates this community and keeps it alive. So a big warm thank you.

Sending you love and warmth from Bali, 

xx Lisa


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