Inspiration and step by step guide to create your Sacred Space

A Sacred Space is simply a space you create that makes you feel connected, safe, and calm. A spiritual space that holds items that inspire you and tools for self-care and development. 

Having a Sacred Space is becoming more essential in our everyday life since we are living in a high-paced world. Where many of us experiene life going a little bit too fast and causing daily moments of stress. Having a place where there’s only space for relaxation, reflection and tranquility will help you to center yourself. It can be essential to keep your self-care and wellness routines. 

Let your Sacred Space be where you can connect with your inner self. Whether if it’s through meditation, journaling, yoga, rest, self reflection, mantra or prayer to name a few. If you don’t already have it, I want to inspire you to create a daily morning routine. Some days it may be 5 minutes and some days 40 mintues, it’s just about actually showing up for yourself. Showing up for your inner world everyday and tune in to your heart is golden. To set your intentions for the day will set the tone, and you don’t feel like you’ve gotten off-track.

It simply increases peace and connection to the divine and your inner voice.

There is no right and wrong of how a Sacred Space should look like. For you who haven’t created a Sacred Space yet or just want some inspiration, I will share som steps and inspiration:


What does Sacred mean to you? Do you need a space for yoga, meditation or spiritual connection? What is the mood you’re trying to set in your space? What’s your personal style? What are you trying to cultivate? Perhaps you want a minimalist altar to help you find clarity. Maybe a vibrant colorful tribute to symbolise love and joy. It’s all up to you. 


There’s a reason you feel so good after cleaning the house. Your home is an extension of your aura. A mirror of your internal space. First step in building sacred energy is to clear away the clutter. Literally. Sweep, clean and wash. Get rid of old belongings that aren’t aligned with you anymore. Old things carry old energy. Broken things carry stuck energy. Release them all. 

Clear away a space to build your altar. It could be a corner of a desk, nightstand, floor area or a dedicated table or shelf. 


Remember that this space is yours. Honor your hearts desires. Trust your intuition to show you where to put it, what to include, how to use it — and see where it takes you. Keep it playful, don’t worry about getting it perfect. Enjoy the process of arranging your space. Try out differnet set up’s, you can change with time and tweak it as often as you like. 

Gather together objects that remind you of your heart and inspire you to a spiritual practice. Some ideas:

  • Personal items that are meaningful to you.
  • Personal divination tools such crystals, spiritual oil blends, oracle & tarot cards.
  • Talismans as symbols of peace and safety
  • Visual art - could be your own, your friends or someone your inspired by
  • Statuary as traditional symbols of divine and protective energies
  • Stones and shells that hold memories from special places or travels
  • Candles, Incenses & Palo Santo.
  • Color, light, texture, fabrics, carpets, mirrors, fountains, chimes
  • Living things as plants and flowers
  • Musical instruments and favorite calming music 
  • Sacred texts or words of wisdom — from any and all faiths
  • Photographs of loved ones and special place


You may want to create a ritual and set your intentions for your new Sacred Space. You may want to use sage to smudge and clean the energic field.  

Show up regularly in your sacred space for moments of “me-time”. Meditate, write, sing, draw and ask for guidance. Use sage, palo santo or Aura Spray to regularly cleanse your space. Create your own ritual within your space to calm your mind and body, and to connect with your soul. Use your spiritual tools such as crystals and spiritual oil blends since they carry magical qualities from mother earth that will support your energy body.

The more consciousness you bring into your space, the more the energy of the sacred will build.

Enjoy your #soulimoments.

Some inspiration from Pinterest:

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