An astrological energy update for week: 9

Current energies: Jupiter meets with Mars. The Sun, Mercury and Saturn also join forces. 

Do / Dont's: As the moon starts to wane after its climax; full last Saturday. It is time to finish, clear your schedule a bit; rather than start brand new things, tick off what you have already started.

Match with Souli blend: Hold Me

Mantra for this week:


Let's deepen. Here is a full description for the current vibes: The week begins with the moon in harmonious Libra; she strives for balance in all aspects of your life. Feeling off, a little stretched? Pause and notice where the scales are tipping too far? Realign, and remember the strive for balance is a constant motion through life's ups and downs.

Libra loves others and can easily forget that harmony starts from within, make sure to tend to the relationship you have with yourself. Monday and the moon makes an opposition to Neptune, Monday blues might be a fact, or total orgasmic bliss, either or it can be hard to focus on the task ahead, and staying in bed might feel awfully tempting.

Tuesday + Wednesday can feel very tense, fiery, and lack of patience. You might even feel anger as planets of war and action (Mars) make a square with the palnet of growth and fortune (Jupiter). Everything Jupiter touches grows he is most known to support abundance and prosperity however what you focus on grows therefore, big emotions corresponding with Mars; anger, restlessness, violence, competition, but also courage, and motivation can grow very big. 

A square is always a bit challenging as if the planets involved have nothing in common; “ the teenager (mars) do not agree with the parent (Jupiter)”, but when both parts make an effort common ground can be found and great growth will follow. 

Mars is currently in Aquarius; air, the rebel, freedom seeker, him who wants to break free from the norms. Jupiter lies in Taurus; earth, stability, safety based on the known. Feel into this energy within you; what new longs to be explored, what parts of you long to break free? And what parts of you are resisting by needing to stay in the safe and known? 

Meanwhile, on Wednesday the Sun, Mercury and Saturn meet in a close conjunction in Pisces. This trio dives deep into the spiritual realm, into the vast ocean. It can feel isolating yet deeply connected to it all; like a baby in the womb, or a planet in the universe, alone yet together with it all. Do your dreams align with who you truly are (Sun), are you living by outdated rules (Saturn) putting you in prison rather than giving permission? Your mind creates your reality, is it a nice place to be? 

The weekend moon comes with hope as she shifts to Sagittarius; the glass is not half empty it is half full, it is not happening to me it is happening for me. By sunday the moon is half, always a little funky, remember the cleansing, letting go, alchemizing energy of the full moon 1 week ago.

Next week my loves, the moon is new in Pisces and we all let go of reality to drift off into a psychedelic dream state. Reality can wait now we dream, all that material around you was once merely a dream, what dreams through you?  

With love Sofi Karlsson.


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xx Lisa

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