An astrological energy update for week: 7

Current energies: Mars and Venus in Aquarius.

Do / Dont's: Your inner masculine and feminine are taking a trip down the underworld. Key takeaway; dare to meet your shadows, let go, the unknown is scary but it is also a brand new adventure.  

Match with Souli blend: Hold Me

The action for the week: GROUNDING MEDITATION

Find a place outside, allow your intuition to guide you; where you feel drawn? By the water, by that big tree, on a hilltop? Take in the surroundings, the elements, sit comfortably or lie on your back. 

Notice your breath, now notice the breath of mama earth how she is breathing with you. Imagine roots growing from the base of you down through her soil, connecting deep with her womb, her heart. Breathe out anything you’ve been carrying for too long, give it to her to alchemize. Breathe in love, life force, from her center through your roots and into your womb/hara and heart. 

Be with this cycle of letting go and receiving for as long as needed, close your eyes, and visualize a glowing color leaving your body and coming in. When you feel ready, let the roots you created disappear, for now, know you can always come back. Take a moment and look around, maybe you see an omen?

The mantra of the week: 

Let's deepen. Here is a full description for the current vibes: The week begins with the moon slowly becoming visible again. Once the moon becomes visible its a sign to move your new moon intentions forward. The moon will be in Aries on Monday + Tuesday potentially making you feel a big push, less patient, need to do. But do not rush life, the moon is still majority YIN energy (dark); receive life, rest, and be, if you feel restless use the fiery energy of Aries to move your body. 

On Wednesday we celebrate Valentine, meanwhile, Mars the cosmic boyfriend and lover shifts sign to Aquarius. Right when he gets there Pluto greets him. Whenever a planet conjuncts Pluto a major metamorphosis occurs. Each planet represents a part of our psyche, Mars being the driving force, our motivation, courage, and our inner young masculine. As he got a Valentine’s date with Pluto your internal masculine is transforming; little boys should not cry, or, what were you taught? What gets you out of bed in the morning will shift, your view on doing and achieving will transform.

The wounded masculine within us all is being pulled to the surface to be healed, to be born anew. What were you taught boys should be like, what is a real man to you? What do you need to do to be worthy? What is your relationship to big emotions? This energy is intense, the moon will have shifted to Taurus by now, creating a lovely grounding energy. However, watch out for getting pulled into the need to hold on; Taurus can be a safety seeker fearing change, but change is inevitable right now, allow it to come.

On Friday Venus, follows her lover Mars into Aquarius, but before she gets to embrace him, she too will take a trip down the underworld with Pluto. Again a metamorphosis occurs, the butterfly is about to be born. Venus are all things beauty, pleasure, as well as you values. She is the cosmic maiden, the young woman. Little girls should be quiet, or? What was she taught to be like? How did you learn girls have to behave? As a young girl what did you learn to value? What was frowned upon, what was liked and disliked?

This energy is strong as we step into the weekend too, we will all be affected differently, you might feel a lot, some of you will feel relieved, while others won't notice much. The universe will give you what you need, what you are ready for, nothing more nothing less.  Feeling overwhelmed? I encourage you to practice the grounding meditation. 

The key message with Aquarius is always freedom; now it is your inner boy, drive force, courage (Mars), your inner maiden, pleasure, and values (Venus), who are being deeply transformed; for those who walked before, we who are now, and those who are yet to come. Next week; new sun season with Pisces, and a full moon in Virgo.

With love Sofi Karlsson.


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xx Lisa

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