An astrological energy update, for week 35.

Current energies: Uranus retrograde inspires revolution. The virgo sun reminds; the body is the home, the temple where your spirit lives.

Do / Dont's: As the moon becomes visable again, start this week by asking; what do I need to feel my best? Allow the way you feel to be more important than how it looks. 

Match with Souli Blend: Hold Me Spiritual Oil Blend

Tap in & connect with the energies: Journal prompts for Uranus retrograde; it is time to transcend cultural and social programming.

  • In what part of my life do I tend to need social approval; what would I be without it?

  • How would it feel like to give the approval I crave from others to myself, to free myself from the need and become neutral of others' praise or criticism?
  • Where must I learn to break the rules and follow my own path? 
  • What lies beyond the need to know how and to have all the facts? 

Mantra for this week: May all beings everywhere be happy and free

Let's deepen. Here is a full description for the current vibes: 


Beautiful you, we just had a powerful new moon in Virgo over the weekend, how did her energy treat you? As the weekend moves into Monday the moon slowly becomes visible again in the sign of Libra, allow harmony and simplicity to be the keywords as you step into a new week. 

Monday night through Tuesday the moon is conjunct Mercury, in the sign of Libra. There is a longing to communicate (Mercury) emotions (moon) in a harmonious way. What is it that you long to speak to your close ones’ about? Use this conjunction to create beautiful heartfelt communication. Be aware that people around you might communicate negative emotions also, avoid taking anything personally. 

By Friday the moon will shift into Scorpio; the witch, the alchemist. Scorpio teaches us to use our magic and transform any state of being into power, like the phoenix bird you too can be born again via the ashes. As the moon moves through Scorpio it will oppose Uranus. Uranus went retrograde last week, and the energies are the strongest right now. Uranus is a slow-moving planet and will remain retrograde until January 2023. Uranus retrograde creates revolution; it is time to transcend cultural and social programming. Uranus shakes things up, often in an uncomfortable way. But he has to so that you notice, so that you can free yourself. Become aware of any discord in your life, and investigate this area. 

Uranus represents the rebel, the rule breaker, it is the planet of individuality and freedom. No planet is more unpredictable, as it travels retrograde it inspires you to find your uniqueness, your individuality free from rules, relationships, and restrictions that are holding you back from living your best life. Uranus goes beyond individual style, job title, and taste. Uranus pulls you closer to the essence of who you are, the spirit that you are free of cultural conditioning. The wild within you is calling you to break free from the boxes you’ve been put in; it’s a call to come home to your true self.   

This weekend the moon lies in Sagittarius, while the sun is in Virgo. Stimulate your adventurous side in one way or another, a weekend trip, a podcast, or a book that takes you far away. Do this while also caring for your body. Virgo reminds the body is the home, the temple where your spirit lives. 

- Sofi Karlsson.

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xx Lisa

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