An astrological energy update, for week: 15

Current energies: Solar Eclipse in Aries 

Do / Dont's: The solar eclipse marks the final event for the spring eclipse season, however, the energies are strong till the coming full moon in two weeks. 

Match with Souli blend: Naked Love

Connect with the energy: The new moon Eclipse in Aries is like a new moon on steroids, very very powerful, crazy, unpredictable energy. Here are some activities to turn to if you feel overwhelmed this week. 

  • Spend time with mother earth; in the forest, near or in water; she knows how to meet the strong eclipse current.
  • Avoid social media.
  • Avoid busy places.
  • Journal.
  • Meditate, sleep, and rest more.
  • Share any worries with your closest people.
  • Cuddle with animals.
  • If you can, postpone making major life decisions this week. 

Mantra of the week: I surrender my need to control and allow life to unfold. 

Deepen: Monday and the solar eclipse emit its energy with full force. You have most likely been feeling the buildup during the weekend, maybe you have been very tired, headaches, restlessness, or frustration? A solar eclipse is one of the strongest astrological events we experience here on earth, it’s a new moon on steroids! Do not force do not obsess, surrender, trust, and let it be. 

The new moon eclipse occurs in Aries at 19 degrees. Always during a new moon eclipse the sun and moon lie together in a conjunction. What makes the eclipse so special is due to that the lunar nodes are activated, the lunar nodes are calculated points that are not visible but during an eclipse, they become “seen” via the sun and moon. The nodes shift every 18 months giving a new eclipse theme to aid us forward on our souls' path. The nodes hold the secret to our collective souls’ longing, currently in Libra + Aries. 

2 weeks ago we had the Lunar Eclipse in Libra, the south node was activated showing us ways we might still fall into the shadow strategy of Libra's way of operating; codependency false beauty/shallow beauty, vanity. The south node marks what we leave behind while the north node shows the way we long, however, it’s always about finding the sweet spot between the points. Too strong Aries (north node) could, for example, mean hyperindependence, we need Libra to co-create and build interpersonal relations. 

The solar eclipse in Aries is all about reclaiming self-confidence, daring to do things your way, and using fear as fuel to move forward daring to be radically authentic; be you everyone else is already taken. Aries teaches that self-love has to come first. Mars is the planet that harmonizes with Aries and he is currently in Pisces in a very close conjunction to Saturn. We are all reminded that there is a difference between courage and recklessness, self-love and self -self-centeredness, self-worth and selfishness.  

Mars in Pisces encourages us to love a little harder, to remember that we are in this together and togetherness makes the individual stronger. We need each other, you are here with your unique gifts, you do not need to know or do everything by yourself. Rather by asking others for help in areas outside of your expertise, you allow someone to shine in theirs. 

The shadow of Aries is selfishness and to win at all costs; life is not a race that can be won but rather a journey to be experienced, together with your fellow humans. You won the biggest lottery already, a ticket here on earth. Know that the eclipse can bring BIG shifts and changes for you individually, they can be either very internal, external, or both. Whatever you are experiencing trust that the universe is a helping hand guiding you toward your heart's longing, it might not be known and seen now, but the best is yet to come.


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xx Lisa

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