An astrological energy update, for week: 14

Current energies: In between Eclipses and Mercury retrograde

Do / Dont's:  It’s as if we are in a birth canal; intense power beyond our cognitive to grasp. Relax and go with the flow to be birthed on the other side. Mercury retrograde amplifies all things communication. 

Match with Souli blend: Hold Me and Mama Forest

Connect with the energy: The energies right now are perfect for quieting our loud rational/logical minds to strengthen our trust in our intuitive voice. Know that either is not better than the other, we need both, but in the modern society, in which we live we are often encouraged to “think about an answer”, or ask someone else, “an expert” for advice. When in fact we all carry deep deep wisdom within. Deepen your connection with intuition; find your sacred yes and no—a meditative ritual. 

Action of the week: Our loud minds often quiet the voice within. Intuition is trusting your first feeling, it’s always quick and sometimes very subtle. Sit in stillness, let go of the day and what is coming after. Maybe use some soothing music of your choice to come home to yourself. Now, once you feel grounded. Simply ask “what does my yes feel like”, and wait for a tingle, sensation, warmth, color, etc. to appear for you. Wait about 1-3 minutes then ask again. Take note of where your Yes appears. Then ask “what does my no feel like”. Practice for a maximum of 10 minutes the first time, and do it as many times as you wish this week, maybe you can create a daily evening or morning ritual? 

Mantra: I relax my mind so that I can hear my heart

Deepen:  Easter Monday and we can all embrace that the Aries sun has arrived with spring for sure. However, the current eclipse season can bring intense weather; snow, wind, rain, etc. Both internally and externally. What did the Libra eclipse last week leave you with? Some of us will experience big shifts and changes in our external world, while others will internally; thinking about a move, quit your job, having children? Whatever it is that's occurring for you, trust that first feeling, your internal yes and no.    

By Tuesday the moon will be in its last quarter phase, equal Yang and YIN, light and dark. This marks one week to the solar eclipse (new moon eclipse). Today Mercury, the planet of communication shifts retrograde, where it will remain till 25/5. Mercury retrogrades every 3-4 months; it’s an invitation from the universe to relax our logical minds and deepen into the wisdom within our bodies. The same intelligence that spins planets and makes flowers open also thrives within you. 

Mercury is the planet that revolves closest to the sun, the sun is the heart of our solar system and just like our minds sometimes think they are wiser than our hearts so does Mercury. He is a fast-moving planet, just like our thoughts quickly start to doubt our intuitive wisdom. Each time Mercury shifts retrograde it is an invitation from the universe to anything “re-” such as re-consider, re-evaluate, rest, and recover. Things and events also tend to re-emerge, do not be surprised if an ex makes a connection, or if you feel drawn to do so.   

Mercury retrograde is mostly known to create tec chaos, confusion, miscommunication, or traffic delays, all themes connected to what Mercury governs. Know that all these are possible outcomes, but do remember that the universe always gives us what we need, it’s all a blessing if you can perceive it that way. It’s a time to evaluate where you are in life so that you can re-evaluate and continue toward where you wish to end up. 

Midweek and the weekend becomes dreamy when Venus conjuncts Neptune, right before she shifts into Aries on Friday. Neptune is like a godmother to Venus, a higher octave of bliss and unconditional love. Venus is the maiden, the young feminine. While Venus can get stuck in superficial love and the earthly material “beauty only being skin deep”, Neptune teaches depth and that beauty and love are not only connected to what we can see. 

Venus does not operate at her fullest in Aries, due to Aries being energetically a very masculine strategy. Good enough is not enough for Aries but rather a need to win at all costs; the need to have or look a certain way to not only be accepted but considered the best. Venus in Aries might therefore result in us all feeling big emotions, anxiety, restlessness, and/or impatience. How can you use any restlessness to motivate change; rewrite the values (Venus) you live by so they align with what is truly worth it. Life is not a race that can be won but rather a journey to be experienced. 

The weekend moon in Pisces will also pass by Neptune, again amplifying energies of bliss, unconditional love, as well as illusions due to Neptune being so far out in the solar system, the intangible and unseen; be wary of what information you choose to listen to, trust your heart first. The weekend energy is a buildup to the new moon eclipse on Monday, buckle up and prepare for birth. It’s a deep trust fall relying on that life has a plan for you. I will give you the details of the Eclipse next week.


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xx Lisa

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