An astrological energy update for week: 13

Current energies: Lunar Eclipse in Libra 

Do / Dont's:  Eclipses are not like regular full moons therefore we are not practicing letting go rituals. Rather let go of control, get out of your way, and trust that the universe has a plan for you.  

Match with Souli blend: Sacred Haze

Mantra of the week: I listen more to my heart than to the noise.

Deepen: On Monday 25/3 at 8 am CET, the moon is full but not lit up by the sun as it is during a regular full moon because our planet lies in the way. The earth's shadow is what is making the full moon eclipsed. Eclipses are supercharged moons; a lunar eclipse carries the capacity of 1000 full moons! Even if you can’t see the eclipse where you live, the energy is still felt. We are all affected differently but the main theme of this eclipse is created by the sign it occurs in; 5 degrees Libra. 

Libra is a cardinal air sign; It’s a mental archetype (sign), that has a natural energy of moving things forward. Motivated by sacred balance, harmony with all, and right relation to all things; also with yourself. As the ruler of the 7th house "of we and us "Libra teaches us that whether we are aware of it or not we all have an intimate relation to all things in our life. Libra in its highest expression leads a beautiful life based on principles such as sharing, co-creating, and balance. Harmonized by the planet Venus pleasure, love, and beauty become key factors. 

Each archetype also carries shadow energy/ shadow sides. As humans, we sway between the higher and shadow expressions. Imbalanced Libra strategy can express itself such as co-dependency, can’t act alone, superficiality - “beauty is only skin deep”, and indecisiveness. Libra can become so concerned about the other (especially their intimate partner) that the needs of the self are forgotten. So concerned about ensuring harmony is established and maintained outside of the self so that the internal is forgotten.

An eclipse is like a great portal of opportunity; things are revealed, things end, and things begin, often suddenly. As mentioned it is unwise to practice letting go rituals as we do under a regular full moon, this is due to that the eclipse is super unstable. Imagine a huge electrical wire that is connected from the cosmic womb to the moon, but the wire is unpredictable, space mice have been nibbling on it so ANYTHING can happen. You might end up calling in or letting go of things that are not for you. 

Eclipses are instead great energy for introspection, and healing modalities such as; meditation, ceremonial cacao, reiki, and sleep. Be open to any invitation that the universe might send you. Be willing to step out of your own way. As the energy of the eclipse shines through you the Libra archetype is activated within you; consider how the strategy and theme of Libra show up for you, e.g. when do you tend to fall into superficiality or co-dependent patterns? In what areas of your life do you long for harmony to be established? In what way can you invite more balance into your life? Remember balance is not a fixed point but rather a movement to harmonize with.

The moon occurs at 5 degrees Libra which corresponds to the Archetype Leo. Leo is also connected to our inner children. This moon therefore emphasizes childhood patterns; what did you learn a relationship is like when you were little? How was the relationship between your parents? Much of what you saw, experienced, and learned then as a little child, became a strategy that you still use in search of sacred union; it is still what you build relationships on. To be worthy of love in a relationship I need to have/be etc.? For a relationship to be safe I have to have/be etc.? 

Venus rules this eclipse and is currently in Pisces conjunct Saturn, this is a very supportive yet quite challenging duo. Saturn can bring up those old rules and strategies concerning partnership; it’s about facing the truth, and honoring who you’ve been as you step forward in creating a wholesome relationship with all of your life relations. 

Venus invites you to create new values around what’s important to you when entering and maintaining any type of relationship; love, business, or clients. Pisces adds unconditional love; soften dear you, and allow the most magical unions to unfold for you. Finally, the eclipse energy is STRONG all week; if you travel take extra care, if you are around a lot of people take extra care. Next week my loves, Mercury goes retrograde and we are in between eclipses. 


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xx Lisa

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