An astrological energy update, for week: 25

Current energies: Summer solstice and Cancer sun season.

Do / Dont's: This week is all about love and light, but for light to be we must remember to also honor the darkness, however that speaks to you.

Match with Souli Blend: Golden Flow Spiritual Oil Blend

Tap in & connect with the energies: Cancer in the first water sign. Celebrate the Cancer sun season by giving gratitude to the water in your life.

  • Gratitude water; fill your bottle and as you do imagine gratitude pouring in, everytime you drink focus on gratitude.
  • Shower of gratitude; as you let the water wash your body give thanks for the luxury of having a shower, and as the water runs over your body be grateful for your body.
  • Give thanks to mama earth; go to the nearest body of water by you. Sit by the water and take in its presence. If you wish go for a swim and let the water hug your body.

Mantra for this week: Rather than being swept away by my emotions, I let them guide me.

Let's deepen. Here is a full description for the current vibes: 

This week begins in the afterglow of the Sagittarius superfullmoon. As the moon slowly moves toward new (new on the 29 of june) give yourself some space to reflect on what's important to you right now? Sagittarius was all about realizing your truth and daring to go after that.

On Tuesday we celebrate the summer solstice, this event has been celebrated by humans since ancient times. Here in the northern hemisphere this day is the brightest day, not only is it the day with the most sunlight but it is also cosmically extra charged. It is believed that a portal of light is opened this day activating our light bodies, upgrading our DNA, and inspiring us on a subconscious level. 

On the same day as the summersolstice the sun moves into Cancer, (happy birthday to all of you who got Cancer sun, comment below so we can give you birthday love). Cancer is the 4th archetype (zodiac sign). We began the astrological year with Aries fire, then through Taurus earth, and Geminis air, and we have now reached the first water sign. Water in astrology represents emotions, your internal world. Cancer season comes with nourishment for our hearts. And in nature, we see heavy summer rain that gives life to all that is now flourishing. 

No matter what your natal chart looks like you will be affected by the change in the sun's energy. The sun gives life to all, and all of us here on earth. The sun in Cancer is all about vulnerability, dare to open your heart. Cancer comes with a vibration that longs for safety, longs for warm hugs, a good cry, and to connect deeply with our hearts and our roots. Our roots are where we come from, your mother, and your family. We do not choose our family, it might not be perfect but it is what you got. And the beauty is that you do have a choice, you get to make the rules around how you relate to your roots. What gives you nourishment? 

On Thursday and just in time for the Swedish midsummer celebration Venus planet of pleasure, flow, and femininity shifts into Gemini. While in Gemini (until 18 July) we are all inspired to let go of the seriousness and have some fun, connect with one another, be curious about what's beyond the horizon, worry less, and play more. 

And with that, I wish you all a beautiful summer, I’m taking a summer break and will be back just in time for the Lionsgate portal Monday the 8 of August. Much love, from my heart to yours. 

- Sofi Karlsson.

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xx Lisa

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