An astrological energy update, for week: 24

Current energies: Fullmoon and Mercury in Gemini. 

Do / Dont's: This fullmoon is for celebrating all that you are, while letting go of outdated beliefs.

Match with Souli Blend: Golden Flow Spiritual Oil Blend

Tap in & connect with the energies: Fullmoon magic potion. For self- confidence, - victory and -love. 

Gather flowers of your choice. Ones that represent victory and celebration for you. Take a clear bottle or small bowl, and fill it with water. Take the flower petals and put them in your container if you wish, add crystals and/or essential oil. As you do this activate your potion by whispering words of love and victory about yourself. Keep your potion in a window so the fullmoon can activate it even more. 4ish days after the fullmoon, pour your potion as an offering to mother earth.

Let's deepen. Here is a full description for the current vibes: 

On Monday Mercury, the messenger planet, your expression and the way you think moves into Gemini. This placement is very optimal for Mercury because Gemini is the ruler of the planet. Isnpiration is flying high, attention goes where awereness flows. Gemini is smart and quick with the words. If it does not excite or make you curious it’s ok to question if it really is for you?

Tuesday @ 01.51 cet the fullmoon has its peak. It is a super full moon in Sagittarius. The effects of the moon can be felt 1 week before and after the peak. The moon will affect you who's got rising sign, sun or moon in Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces a little stronger. 

A fullmoon always opposes the sun (the sun makes the moon shine), and therefore the opposing sign is always very important. It’s about this axis within us all; the axis of Gemini and Sagittarius. Gemini is the student, and Sagittarius is the teacher. How do these roles play out in your life? In what areas could you be a little more gentle with yourself, and treat yourself as a student. And in what areas could you dare to see that you are an inspiration to others, your experiences matter. 

The endpoint of Gemini is perceiving the world, there is no need for a master plan but pure excitement. To become so absorbed in the experience that nothing but the here and now is present. Not thinking but seeing the world around you. The endpoint of Sagittarius is to take that experience, find meaning and make a story, the story of you. Your truth is being questioned under this fullmoon, is it truly based on your unique experiences and what you believe in? Rather than coming from a place of; I should believe, be, and do? Next week sun shifts to Cancer with the summer solstice = a portal of love, light, and healing.

Mantra for this week: Through the gathering of unfamiliar experiences, I find meaning in my life.

- Sofi Karlsson.

This beautiful Astro Check-In, is written by the Sacred Astrologer Sofi Karlsson -  @sofiandthemoon. For further guidance around the current energies, on a deeper personal level, she offers lovely personal readings. I did one by myself and wow it was truly amazing. If you are curious, send her a dm.

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xx Lisa

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