An astrological energy update, for week: 21

Current energies: Waning moon week; as the moon becomes new I allow some time for reflection.

Do / Dont's: Mars and Venus enters their home signs Aries and Taurus. Find your willpower + passion but allow a moment of peace.

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Tap in & connect with the energies: A reflection; my inner king. Mars in astrology among other things represents what a woman seeks in a male partner. Mars also represents our willpower, what motivates us, and our passion. 


We all have an internal king, or dude. Sit in stillness and reflect over what type of masculine energy you carry. How do you approach tasks, and how are you able to love and hold yourself? Is your internal masculine an internal king or more of a dude that is not treating your feminine, your internal queen with respect?

Let's deepen. Here is a full description for the current vibes: 

This weekend the sun; our life force shifted into Gemini. Happy birthday to all you curious Gemini suns out there. We can all look forward to a curious month filled with making memories with loved ones. Gemini is all about caring to feed our adventurous selves.

This week is the waning moon week, meaning the moon is shrinking. The moon is new on Monday in Gemini, this is our first new moon after the eclipse season which amplifies manifestation and setting new intentions (all about this newt week). This week approaching the new moon is a shift from Yang energy to YIN energy. A full moon is of the energy Yang, and a new moon is of the energy YIN. YIN energy represents rest, restoration, water, female, mysterious. Yang energy represents action, energy, fire, male, and light. How can you invite some more YIN energy this week, however that speaks to you? 

Though the moon moves toward YIN, Mars planet of war and action shifts into its home sign Aries on Wednesday. We can all look forward to some motivation and new bursts of passion regarding our sexual creative power. The myth speaks of Mars; before he became the warrior god he used to be called the god of agriculture and fertility. He was born by queen Juno after her being touched by a magical plant. But as the Romans became increasingly more warlike Mars evolved into a warrior. But the myth says he never lost his connection to nature. To me this myth tells a lot about the masculine energy; just like nature it can be birthing and nurturing but also destructive. It all comes down to focus, what is the energy driven by? Fear and hate? Or love?  

On Sunday Mars in Aries is going to meet up with Jupiter in Aries. Jupiter is going to expand the Aries energy of courage, motivation, and passion. This affects the whole world but also you on a personal level. It all comes down to focus, what is the energy driven by? Fear and hate? Or love? In what ways are you at war with yourself and the world? And in what ways could you use the Mars energy in a more nurturing and loving way? Make peace not war, however that speaks to you. Finally, on Saturday Venus also shifts into her home sign Taurus; feminine, softness, and beauty, it is she who brings the gift of inner serenity. Venus is the closest planet to earth, our body. While in Taurus touch yourself gently and dare to welcome a moment’s peace.

Mantra for this week: I make love Not war.

- Sofi Karlsson.

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xx Lisa

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