An astrological energy update, for week 16.

Current energies: Taurus sun season 20 April - 20 May. 

Do / Dont's: Taurus is all about embodiment, slowing down, connection + living to the rhythm of the earth. If you find yourself disconnected, ask yourself;  how can I tap into the rhythm of nature where I am living?

Match with Souli Blend: Mama Forest Spiritual Oil Blend 

Tap in & connect with the energies: We all carry the archetype of Taurus within us, her strategy of doing life thrives in a part of your birth chart; one of the houses is ruled by Taurus. The house represents an area of your life. Here are some ways to connect with Taurus.

  • Cooking, and enjoying the meal slowly
  • Gardening, get your hands in the soil
  • Slow moving your body, yoga or dancing
  • Writing a love letter to yourself, Taurus is all about self worth

Let's deepen. Here is a full description for the current vibes: 

The sun in astrology represents our life force, the way we shine in this world. Each sun season is ruled by an archetype, and they all have something unique to teach us. Each archetype has a shadow side as well as a high vibration. Taurus knows her boundaries, but can be really stubborn. 

With Taurus comes a sigh of relief, a need to slow things down in order to have time to absorb + enjoy life. She is the queen of stillness, grounded she walks through nature observing its beauty, fully present with her surroundings. She teaches us that stillness gives access to our creative self. We are all creative beings in our nature and by slowing down we give space for it to flourish. 

Taurus element is earth, we leave the fire of Aries behind. Aries came with the willingness to live after the long winter. Aries energy is cardinal/ initiating, Taurus is fixed; meaning slow and steady. Taurus now invites you to feel your feet on the ground, while asking what limiting beliefs you are carrying about yourself. She teaches us that by being present + grounded, we will have the opportunity to feel how to nurture ourselves; we will know what we need from ourselves and others. 

The opposing archetype always plays an important role as well. Scorpio opposes Taurus, she is fixed water, she is deep and intuitive. The Scorpio/ Taurus axis can be visualized like a rose; Taurus is the rose and Scorpio is the roots. This sun season, make sure to plant yourself in soil where you can bloom. Sometimes the places you are used to are not where you belong. They teach us that the familiar is not always the best place for growth. Next week, all about the eclipse season that is going to occur on this axis. Expect the unexpected, sudden shifts, think the tower energy in tarot. 

Mantra for this week: I am like a wildflower, I choose where I bloom. 

- Sofi Karlsson.

This beautiful Astro Check-In, is written by the Sacred Astrologer Sofi Karlsson -  @sofiandthemoon. For further guidance around the current energies, on a deeper personal level, she offers lovely personal readings. I did one by myself and wow it was truly amazing. If you are curious, send her a dm.

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xx Lisa

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