An astrological energy update, for week 13.

New moon week, time to think about your intentions, while allowing things to move a little slower.

Do / Dont's: Tap into your patience, there is a lot of fire in the sky = welcome inspiration rather than anger or frustration.

Tap in & connect with the energies: By doing a New Moon Manifestation Spell:

The new moon is the best time to plant new seeds/write intentions. The darkness of the moon will keep your intentions safe until they are ready to take root and sprout. Set your intentions in stillness, then when the moon is visible again (3-4 days after the new moon) - take action. 

You need: envelope + paper + pen.

Sit in stillness. Focus on your breath, focus on your heart space. Ask yourself what it is that you wish to focus on for the next coming lunar cycle (1 month, until the next new moon)? Let the Aries energy inspire you, what do you need? 

Write down on a piece of paper whatever comes up for you, it can be clear practical things or more subtle. Fold the paper in 3; as you fold, whisper “ I see, I feel, I know”. Before you put the paper in the envelope blow love on it, and if you have the recommended oil, drop a little in your hands, rub together, smell then put the paper in between your hands and hold it to your heart. Finally, put the paper in the envelope, draw a sun on it and put it in a sunny place. The sun will help give life to your intentions. Finish by giving thanks to the moon, and the sun. 

Match with Souli Blend: Golden Flow Spiritual Oil Blend 

Let's deepen. Here is a full description for the current vibes: 

This new moon week begins with Mercury (planet of expression and the way you think) shifting into Aries, joining the sun. Mercury spends about a month in each sign. During the transit through Aries we will all feel motivated to speak up for ourselves. It is a perfect time to dare to ask for what you want, and to stand up for yourself especially in situations you normally wouldn't. Though, be mindful so that you do not start to fight unnecessary wars (Mars = planet of war rules Aries).

The moon is going toward new, with each day it becomes darker, so -called waning phase. A time to listen inward. The moon shifts sign approximately every 3d day. Today begins its journey toward Aries in the sign of Aquarius; ask yourself what does freedom feel like to me? Then Tuesday - Wednesday, the moon shifts into Pisces, this is where the last new moon was, now is therefore a good time to revisit the Pisces new moon. What intentions did you create then? Is there anything you wish to bring forth again under the coming Aries new moon?  

On Friday the moon is new. Always on a new moon the sun lies in the same sign. The sun and moon meet in Aries @11 degrees. 11 = influenced by Aquarius. Aquarius is air and Aries is fire. We can all count on some WILD energy; the air gives life to the fire. Air represents our mental energy, and Mercury, who since Monday has traveled towards the new moon, now asks you to be true to yourself, the world needs your truth. And via being true to yourself you can cultivate a life that is freedom. Finally the wounded healer Chiron also lies with the dark moon; wounds that are felt can be healed. Be gentle with yourself as you tap into the courage of Aries and welcome whatever it is that you are asked to feel.   

Mantra for this week: To be secretive of my intentions is not to be unsure, that is to manifest in a healthy manner.

- Sofi Karlsson.

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xx Lisa

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