An astrological energy update for week: 11

Current energies: Eclipse season begins 

Do / Dont's: It is a period of deep trust in the life you’ve been given

Match with Souli blend: Hold Me

Connect with the energy: We are in eclipse season, an intense period, some of us will be affected more than others, be compassionate. Here are some tips and tools for you to use in order to thrive and feel good in the strong eclipse energy. 

  • Spend time in nature + by the ocean
  • Sleep more if you need to
  • Meditate, yoga, breathwork
  • Stay off social media
  • Spiritual healing practices
  • Be present in your body, somatic therapy
  • Ceremonial cacao, essential oils
  • Listen to your intuition
  • Communicate and share any anxiety with friends 
  • Pay attention to dreams as they can come with messages
  • Welcome inner transformation
  • Avoid busy intense places 
  • If you travel, plan well and take extra care
  • Avoid any brand new big commitments

Mantra of the week:


Get to know the energies of the week:

The new moon yesterday (Sunday) marked the start of Eclipse season. A series of a full + new moons that are extra potent; they carry the capacity of 1000 regular moons! The first eclipse will be a Lunar eclipse (fullmoon) in Libra the 25 of March followed by a solareclipse on the 8 of April, in Aries. The eclipse chapter continues, last time we had eclipses occurring on the Libra/Aries axis was back in April/May + October 2023. Look back, themes might be reemerging for you. 

Eclipses are one of the most powerful astrological events we experience on earth. They are annual and return every spring and fall with a unique energy depending on the axis they occur; based on the current position of the lunar nodes; our collective souls path. It’s called eclipse season because the effects of the eclipses are felt 2-3 months before and after the event. The intensity of eclipses are due to that the lunar nodes are activated. The nodes hols the secrets and longings of our collective soul and heart. (know that you too have your individual souls longing via your personal nodal placements).

A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, and they lie in a straight line, whereby the Sun is partially or completely hidden from observers from Earth. A lunar eclipse occurs during a full moon, when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are aligned, with the Earth in the middle. The Earth's shadow hits the Moon, which is thereby eclipsed, in whole or in part. Is it not crazy how this alignment is possible; the earth moon and sun are different sizes however the perfect distance between them makes it possible to fully or partly hide each other, magic? 

Eclipses are unpredictable, karmic, full of potential. They open up doors suddenly while others shut abruptly, unlike regular new + full moons eclipses are NOT energy to manifest and create let-go rituals, it's simply a time to buckle up and trust that life is unfolding for you; the universe has your back there is a plan for you, by stepping aside you can allow the eclipses to work their magic.

Each eclipse season comes with a unique flavor depending on what archetype the eclipses occurs in. This eclipse story is about the Libra and Aries axis (this is where the lunar nodes lie right now). Each story has unique lessons and wisdom in store for us as a collective but also for you as an individual. The eclipse is like a birth canal, full surrender and trust is needed. The north node is in Aries, this is the strategy we’re all longing to master, striving toward. The south node is in Libra, we are leaving behind all things shadow Libra. 

But know that it all comes down to finding the sweet spot inbetween the two points. Yes we are all done and done getting caught in the superficial, codependent strategies and unrealistic beauty ideal (Libra shadow). However we do also long for Libras expertise in harmony, partnership, and beauty. Now, leaning to hard toward the Aries axis can mean arrogance, hyperindependence and burn out. While the harmonious features of Aries include courage, self-love, and individuality.

Libra is she Aries is he; the queen the king. The goddess the warrior. They are air and fire. They are the sacred union between the feminine and the masculine within all of us. This eclipse season will have us all emerge different; reborn in the areas concerning the Libra and Aries strategy.  What regarding the Libra and Aries strategy is for you to learn right now? Stay open-minded, listen with all your senses. I will guide you further regarding each eclipse; know and trust that it is all happening for you. Next week we celebrate the astrological new year as the sun shift to Aries. 


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xx Lisa

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