An astrological energy update for week: 10

Current energies: Pisces new moon

Do / Dont's: Pause your logic mind for the dream realm

Match with Souli blend: Sacred Haze

Action of the week: NEW MOON RITUAL:

You need a rose or other flower of your choice, bowl of water, journal, and a candle. 

Find a quiet place for your ritual. Start by clearing your space, set up for not being disturbed. Light your candle. Start by finding a comfortable seat, notice all of yourself; your body, your spiritual and mental self. Tune into the energy of the moon, maybe you notice colors, or sound?

Now take out your flower and blow your new moon intentions into it, take your time, know the darkness of the moon is like rich soil for your intentions. When you feel ready, take the petals one by one and put them in the bowl of water, leave it in the bowl overnight by the window or outside, to soak up the fertile magic of the moon. Then offer the petals and the water back to mother earth. 

Finish by giving thanks to the moon, mother earth, and any of your personal guides. Blow out your candle. 

Mantra of the week:


Get to know the current energies: Monday can feel a little off due to the last quarter moon energy; half empty, equal light and dark, searching for balance within and without. Allow any triggers to be of guidance toward where you are stretching yourself too far by focusing on the external forgetting your internal? This whole week is a build up toward the new moon in Pisces on sunday. Each day takes us a little further away from reality and deeper into the dream realms. 

On Tuesday Chiron passes by the north node; a calculated point that is like a compass for our collective soul's longing, currently in Aries. Chiron symbolizes our wounds, with Aries the focus becomes anything regarding wounded masculine energy; doing doing without a pause, forgetting about our bodies needs. As Chiron lingers by the north node we are all healing the wounded masculine within us, this is connected to an energy not gender specific.

Aries in his high vibration is courage, confidence, initiating and pioneering. In his lower vibration he is reckless, aggressive, competitive, violent, and self- centered. The wounded masculine is all things Aries low vibe. Feel into when and in what areas you tend to use the low vibrations of Aries? E.g. In what circumstances do you feel the need to fight out of fear it won't be enough for you, or when do you forget about your body's needs; just one more coffee I will plow through? 

By Wednesday and Tuesday Mars, who is also very much connected to the masculine energy, makes a connection to the north node and Chiron. This is a supportive aspect encouraging us all to dare use the higher vibe of Aries before the low. It encourages going after what you dream of, trusting there is no need for competition for all our dreams are unique. Finding courage to speak up, as well as believing in yourself. 

On Friday we are deep into the psychedelic embrace of the coming new moon, this energy is amplified by the meeting between Mercury and Neptune in the mature degrees of Pisces today. Dream a new reality into being by expanding your imagination. Let go of logic to make room for fantasy. Make art, write poetry, pull tarot cards. You might feel very isolated, know that this is an illusion you are connected to it all; a thread in the cosmic weave. If you have a strong need for alone time, honor that.

Weekend energy and new moon. This is a dreamy one, it occurs in Pisces at 20 degrees meaning it is influenced by Scorpio, adding depth. If Pisces takes us high, Scorpio pulls us down and in. All parts of you are needed and welcome here, love and light is only half of it, darkness and death is equally important. Just as the rose blooms for all to see its beauty she too loses her glory and fades into decay. A cycle of death and birth, so are we too a part of the endless cycle. 

Allow yourself to bloom for all to see your beautiful heart, and know that just like the rose so do you go through time of wither; a losing and letting go of petals, to give space for rest, reflection, and new dreams to come through you. Under her moon what is fading away and what seeds are planted in their place? Just a few hours after the peak of the new moon Mercury shifts into Aries giving you mental motivation to go after what you long for, but no rush, act once the moon is visible again next week, for now rest in the dream. 

With love Sofi Karlsson.


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xx Lisa

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