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Let’s lovingly and intentionally wrap up 2022, and powerfully prepare for 2023. It's a beautiful time to do some self-reflection. It's a golden key to personal growth. It helps us to close old chapters, understand our emotions, re-align ourselves, find clarity, define desires and visions, raise our energy, and tap into the field of manifesting our dreams.

I've created this Self-Reflection Guide to wrap up the year and set intentions for 2023. So we can step into the new year with a clear mind and grounded heart. It’s 11 pages of self-development, growth, and inner peace. It also includes playlists and a tool for finding clarity and defining your desires. 

It's a PDF that you can open from your phone or computer. All you need is the PDF, a journal/pages, a pen, and a presence. 

I want to offer this to you, for free. You need to click "buy", but it will be 0SEK for it, just follow the steps as a purchase and when the order is confirmed - you are immediately provided with a download link. We will also send the link to your email so you always have it available. 

Enjoy, this is for you, my soul family. Thank you for this year. 


For relfection work.


PDF fild created by Lisa, CEO of Souli Colletive.

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