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PLEASE NOTE: This is a batch for which the expiry date on the label says 2024-09-31. In fact, the "real" expiry date is actually one year later than that (i.e. 2025-09-31), but when I created the blends I wanted some margin to be 100% sure, so I set the date to one year prior to that, to be on the safe side with the authorities. But of course, it doesn't look good to sell it with such a short expiry date on the labels, so that's why I put this batch on sale, 40% of the original price. Limited amount.



Allow yourself to truly wind down with this sacred blend formulated to support your tender heart. Let the transformative blend bring you into a state of connection and inner relaxation. It encourages you to move forward, release what no longer serves you and make peace with the past, to stay in the present moment. 

Sacred Haze is like self-love in a bottle. The magical flower Rose de Mai is a powerful heart healer and has the highest vibrational frequency of any oil. Inhale and join the energy of embracing the present moment’s sweetness and let it bring you back to your inner center. With help from Charoite, which facilitates a better connection with the spirit world and accelerates emotional healing, it is really holding your hand on your spiritual journey. 

So level up your meditation with Sacred Haze. Tap into your sacred space and let it support your third-eye and deepen your intuition. 

It’s the perfect on the go-oil and helps you get back in flow, as it raises your self-esteem and has a wonderful source of alignment, good luck and success. And for you love birds,  it’s a powerful attractor of romance as well. 


    Jojoba, Cypress, Ros De Mai, Frankincense and Vetiver. Infused with Citrine and Charoite.


    Whenever you need a breeze of sacred energy, let a drop or two land on your inner wrist, gently rub the wrists as they are humbly caressing each other. Close your eyes and cover them with your palms and inhale, let the smell give you a swell of self love. Exhale.


    Imagine a warm blanket swept over you after a massage, feeling held and receiving loving kisses on your neck.

    In other words, the scent is warm, sweet and earthy, with a woody touch and gentle floral rose aroma accompanied by undertones of vanilla and cypress.


    10 ml spiritual oil blend in a glass bottle. Choose the lid type by yourself.


    Please read through the safety guidelines: 

    - Only for external use.

    - Keep in mind that all oils can stain clothes and other things.

    - Keep oils out of reach of children.Store at room temperature.

    - Must not freeze.

    - Our products is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

    - Everyone reacts differently to different oils, first test on a small area of the skin.

    - Never use it if it includes ingredients you are allergic to.

    - Avoid applying to sensitive areas and broken skin. Better safe than sorry.

    - Do not use it during pregnancy without the advice of a doctor.

    - Don’t use it as a massage or body oil. Use only a few drops or diluted with a carrier oil if you apply it on a larger area of skin. 

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      It’s your go-to Souli when you feel stressed, ungrounded, disconnected, fearful, doubting, lonely or in lack of satisfaction and peace.


      Rollin’ it: Perfect to have on the go, in your jacket or bag, since there is no risk of leaking. So it's amazing for the bus ride, workplace, meetings and so on. It’s simple and sweet to use.

      Drip Drip: It gives a luxurious feeling when you add the drops by yourself. You can see, feel and smell it while you're applying the oil. Perfect to have next to your bed, meditation space, work desk and so on. It's charmy to use.


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